Bullying Prevention

  • The Public Schools of Brookline is deeply committed to preventing bullying at every level of our community. PSB seeks to protect and ensure the safety and belonging of each community member. 

    Students, families, employees, and administrators: This form may be used to report any incident(s) of bullying and/or retaliation involving members of the Public Schools of Brookline community. To report an incident that happened to YOU or that you witnessed, please utilize the online report form linked below. 

    To protect all reporters and honor their interests, we offer two reporting options. Below, reporters may select whether they would like to report an incident to 1) the PSB Office of Educational Equity, the PSB Office of Student Services, AND school administration of school(s) associated with the incident or 2) to the PSB Office of Educational Equity and PSB Office of Student Services ONLY. We invite reporters to choose the option they are most comfortable with.

  • Report to OEE and OSS Only

    Who will receive this submission: The Office of Educational Equity and the Office of Student Services ONLY

  • What is bullying? What is discrimination? What are the reporting pathways for each?

    Bullying – repeated intentional harassment by an aggressor

    Discrimination – any instance of unjust or inequitable treatment on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition or any other protected class.

    There may be incidents where bullying and discrimination overlap. We invite community members to report such incidents in the way they are most comfortable with and feel best represents their concerns.

    Please see the chart below for information on reporting pathways.