• The Transportation Department coordinates regular pupil transportation for all eligible public school pupils who reside 1 1/2 miles or more in walking distance from their regular assigned school and all English Language Learner and Special Education transportation as approved by the School Committee or required by the State Department of Education. 
Eastern Bus Company operates the four (4) yellow school buses for home to school, athletic, and field trips.

    YCN Transportation operates the in-town and out-of-town student services transportation.  In addition, YCN operates bus routes that are difficult to service with a yellow school bus.

    PSB School Bus and METCO Invitation for Bids

    Please click here to access the Student Bus and METCO Transportation Services bid Reference P-20-12.

    Electronic submittals are not acceptable. Vendors must follow the instructions included in the bid. Proposals are due Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

    South Brookline BHS Bus Info:

    February 13, 2019 Presentation to South Brookline BHS Parents

    The new expanded transportation services for South Brookline High School Students does not continue the AM courtesy bus. 

    Residents of the Baker and Heath School zones attending BHS are invited to participate in a fee based transportation service to and from BHS ($400 per student. The fee guarantees a seat on a school bus to and from school at a prescribed time). Participation will be first come first serve. 

    The pickup and drop off times will be determined after registration is closed and we know how many students will be riding the bus. Bus stops are expected to cover those living in approximately a 0.34 mile radius or less. There are two arrival times and two dismissal times for this program.

    Early AM Arrival - 7:05-7:10 (before Z Block)
    AM arrival – OLS-7:50-7:55 BHS-8:05-8:10
    Regular Departure – Buses Depart BHS at 3:00-3:05, Buses Depart OLS at 3:15-20
    Late PM Departure – Buses Depart BHS at 4:00-4:05, Buses Depart OLS at 4:15-4:20

    School Bus Support Letter FY19 
    South Brookline Transportation Studies
    School Committee Transportation Policy

    South Brookline Transportation FAQ (Updated 3/15/2019)