Student Records Requests

  • According to Massachusetts Education Laws and Regulations, eligible students and parents shall be able to request access to all student educational records. Those records include, but are not limited to, standardized test scores, evaluations by counselors, attendance rates, parent/teacher correspondence, email correspondence between staff, discipline files, etc. More information on what constitutes a student record can be found in MA 603 CMR 23.00. The Public Schools of Brookline is committed to safeguarding the privacy of student information and has created this process as a way to ensure all student records requests are handled securely and consistently throughout the district.  

    Requests for student records can fall within four different categories:

    • Academic records
    • School and family communications
    • Special Education records
    • Discipline records

    Non-PSB school districts or institutions should contact the school directly to access student records. Request for Special Education records can be sent directly to the Office of Student Services.

    How to obtain Student Records

    The Public Schools of Brookline encourages you to use the Request a Student Record link to make a student records request to the School District. This helps to ensure the most expeditious and accurate response to your request. Otherwise, written requests may be delivered by hand, mail, or email. 

    Click on the image below to Request a Student Record: 

    Link to FOIA

    Cost of Student Records Request 

    Paper Copies of Records

    The Public Schools of Brookline assumes you would like electronic copies of records if we have them, however, email correspondance is not available electornically and will have to be printed. The cost of black and white paper copies of documents is $.05 per page.


    Each request is processed in the order in which it is received. Various factors affect processing time, including the request’s size and complexity, and nature of the records sought.

    • Requests must always be made by a parent/guardian and/or legal representative but may be delivered to a third party with consent from the parent/guardian. Most often, third parties consist of attorneys or advocates acting on behalf of the family.

    • Consider how you can narrow the scope of your request to expedite the production process.

    • The Public Schools of Brookline must adhere to the law requiring that it to secure personally identifiable information and prevent unwarranted invasions of privacy. Documents containing such information must be redacted carefully before releasing, expanding time needed for production. Consider how you might revise your student records request to exclude records containing such information.

    • If you are requesting a High School Transcript please follow this link: 

    Student Records Law and Resources

    Summary of Regulations Pertaining to Student Records

    The Student Record Regulations adopted by the Board of Education apply to all public elementary and secondary schools in Massachusetts. (They also apply to private day and residential schools that have state approval to provide publicly-funded special education services.) The regulations are designed to insure parents' and students' rights of confidentiality, inspection, amendment, and destruction of student records, and to assist school authorities in carrying out their responsibilities under state and federal law.

    The regulations apply to all information kept by a school or school district on a student in a way that the student may be individually identified. The regulations divide the record into two parts: the transcript and the temporary record. The transcript includes only the minimum information necessary to reflect the student's educational progress. This information includes name, address, course titles, grades, credits, and grade level completed. The transcript is kept by the school district for at least sixty years after the student leaves the system.

    The temporary record contains the majority of the information maintained by the school about the student. This may include such things as standardized test results; class rank; school-sponsored extracurricular activities; evaluations and comments by teachers, counselors, and other persons; disciplinary records; and other information. The temporary record is destroyed within seven years after the student leaves the school system.

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