PSB - Examples of Technology Supporting Students

  • Technology is used to access education, stay informed, managing finances, maintaining involvement in the community and much more.
    Administrators and Educators at Public Schools of Brookline are dedicated to serving all students by identifying, acquiring and implementing assistive technology that improves everyday living for their students with a range of disabilities, including cognitive, communication, motor, and vision.
    Our Assistive Technology Team works collaboratively with educators, families, and students to promote access and meaningful participation in all environments.
    Our special services programs are extensively equipped with technology to support all students including:
    • Interactive Whiteboards
    • Data Projectors
    • Desktop & Laptop Computers
    • Chromebooks
    • iPads
    • ...and more!  
    Additionally, our IEP teams consider each student's individual challenges to determine if additional technology (assistive) is necessary for them to access the curriculum.
    While the list below is generalized, it provides a few examples of technology supporting students at PSB include the following:
  • Physical Disabilities:

       • AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication) 
       • ability switch 
       • head-mice
       • eye-gaze
       • text to speech
       • dictation - speech to text
       • adapted toys
       • device support & mount
       • touchscreen device 

    Visual Impairments & Blindness:

       • screen reader
       • digital magnifier / CCTV
       • text to speech
       • large print

    Deaf & Hearing Impaired:

       • open & closed captioning
       • amplification device
       • assistive listening device
       • video captioning
  • Learning Disabilities:

       • text to speech
       • audio text
       • dictation – speech to text
       • outlining & digital graphic organizer
       • assistive listening device


       • AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication)
       • scheduling app/software
       • picture/symbol/icon support
       • touchscreen device
       • talking books

    Intellectual Disabilities:

       • AAC (Augmentative & Alternative Communication)
       • touch screen device
       • scheduling app/software
       • text to speech
       • picture/symbol/icon support
       • talking books