Why Join the Public Schools of Brookline?

  • Educational Excellence Brookline has a distinguished history of educational excellence and an enduring commitment to its public schools. It has earned the reputation for educational excellence from a superb staff, and an innovative, challenging curriculum. The curriculum is additionally bolstered by our success in bringing the creative power of technology into our teaching and learning, and the extraordinary supportive relationship we enjoy with parents and citizens.

    Acknowledged as one of the leading districts in the nation, it offers an environment that encourages each child to grow and excel. The Brookline Schools employ more than 800 full and part-time teachers, counselors, and administrators and approximately 250 support staff. The Human Resources office directs the recruitment, hiring, evaluation of all staff, and the placement of substitute teachers. Staff in the Human Resources office includes a Director of Human Resources, a Human Resources Manager, a Human Resources Data Analyst, and two Human Resources Generalist. 

    Top Ten Reasons to Join: The Brookline Pre-K - 12 System

    1. Well defined and clearly articulated Strategic Plan focusing on Excellence in Education for all Students

    2. Diverse Student Population

    3. Engaged and Supportive Parent CommunitySupport for Professional Development and Growth

    4. Extensive Professional Development with many "In-System" opportunities

    5. Comprehensive New Teacher support including a three-year induction and mentoring program

    6. Brookline Education Foundation Support for Educational Initiatives

    7. Opportunities for grants, vouchers, and tuition reimbursement to support Professional GrowthSalary and Benefits

    8. Competitive Salary Schedules

    9. Exceptional Health Benefits Package

    10. Non-Resident Tuition Program for Employees
  • Human Resources

A doorway to your future.
  • The School System

    The Public Schools of Brookline, with a staff of approximately 1,200, is supported by a $72.1M budget. Eight Pre K-8 schools feed into one comprehensive high school. Brookline’s Pre K-8 system provides distinct advantages for children. Information about the students, particularly important as they are rapidly changing, is more easily communicated within one school than from one school to another. In a Pre K-8 system everyone knows the child better, and difficult transitions are eliminated. You can contact the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services at 617–730-2447 for more information.


    As of October 2018, there were 7,855 students enrolled in the Public Schools of Brookline in grades preschool through twelve. Our student population is 6% Black/African-American, 11% Hispanic/Latino, 20% Asian, 54% White, and 10% Multi-Racial/Non-Hispanic. Approximately 32% of Brookline students come from a background where English is not their first language.  Nearly 20% of Brookline students were born in a country outside of the United States. There are currently 955 students enrolled in the English Learner Education Program (ELE). The students in the ELE Program represent 33 language groups, with Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Arabic accounting for 82% of these students.  The Public Schools of Brookline has four Title I schools.

    Non-Resident Tuition Program

    The Brookline Public Schools has a non-resident tuition program available to any Town of Brookline employee who works at least 20 hours per week, lives outside of Brookline and would like to send their children to the Brookline Public Schools. For further information and to request an application, please contact the office of the Director for Student Services at 617–730-2447.

    Beginning Teacher Support 

    The Brookline Public Schools offer a comprehensive induction program to its incoming faculty. Within two weeks of being hired, all staff teaching more than half time are assigned a mentor. Sometimes, the mentor and incoming teacher meet and work together during the summer. There is an Orientation Program in late August, at which time, incoming teachers and mentors meet and work together for two days to prepare for the beginning of school. Then mentors meet with incoming teachers weekly or more often during the school year to offer support and answer questions. At monthly meetings, incoming teachers discuss timely topics of interest. For example, early in the year, Open House is discussed, then evaluation, parent conferences, class management and other subjects that will enhance the practice of incoming teachers. During the year, time is set aside to have incoming teachers observe their mentors and to be observed by their mentor. There is no evaluation involved in this process; it is an opportunity to begin a professional dialogue about how to improve student performance. The entire school community recognizes the needs of incoming teachers and works to welcome, encourage and support our newest colleagues.