• The Public Schools of Brookline is a charter member of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO), a voluntary integration program founded in 1966 which provides K-12 education for approximately 300 students from Boston. Students in METCO participate in all aspects of the academic and extracurricular life of the schools and are supported by the METCO Director and staff.

    The program’s objectives are to:

    • Ensure high academic achievement for all students in METCO;
    • Provide opportunities for student leadership;
    • Collaborate with and support families in the Brookline METCO Program;
    • Increase and maintain partnerships/collaborations between Boston families and Brookline families;
    • Provide access to educational opportunities and resources/services unique to the Public Schools of Brookline;
    • Celebrate and make public the accomplishments and successes of students in the METCO Program;
    • Provide access to a range of educational opportunities beyond Pre-K-12 Public Schools of Brookline.

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