School Committee Liaison Assignments

  • School Programs/Advisory Councils/Committees/Community

    Brookline Adult & Community Education - Jennifer Monopoli

    Brookline Early Education Program - Helen Charlupski
    Brookline Extended Day Program - Mariah Nobrega

    Brookline Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) - Andreas Liu

    Enrichment and Challenge Support (ECS) Program Parent Advisory Council - TBD
    Sick Leave Bank - Andreas Liu
    Brookline Asian American Family Network (BAAFN) - Jennifer Monopoli
    Steps to Success - Helen Charlupski
    METCO - Steven Ehrenberg
    Ad Hoc Task Force on School Names - David A. Pearlman
    Wellness Committee - Suzanne Federspiel

    English Learner Parent Advisory Council - Andreas Liu
    Social Media - Mariah Nobrega 
    China Exchange Program - Jennifer Monopoli

    School Partnerships

    Brookline Education Foundation - Valerie Frias
    Brookline High School Innovation Fund - TBD

    State/National Education Organizations

    Education Collaborative for Greater Boston (EDCO) - Helen Charlupski
    Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) - TBD
  • Town Departments/Commissions

    Building Commission - Helen Charlupski
    Council on Aging/Senior Center - Valerie Frias
    Brookline Center for Community Mental Health - Helen Charlupski
    Commission for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations - Valerie Frias
    Parks and Recreation - TBD
    Transportation Board - Mariah Nobrega

    Town/Select Board Committees/Projects

    Audit Committee - Mariah Nobrega
    Climate Action Committee - Steven Ehrenberg
    Safe Routes to Schools Committee - Mariah Nobrega
    Transportation Demand Management - Mariah Nobrega
    Committee on Naming Places - David A. Pearlman
    Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Advisory Council - Suzanne Federspiel
    Labor Advisory Board - Andreas Liu
    Open Space Plan Committee - Steven Ehrenberg
    Town School Partnership Committee - Suzanne Federspiel/Mariah Nobrega
    Brookline Fiscal Advisory Moderator's Committee - David A. Pearlman
    Community Preservation Act Liaison - David A. Pearlman

    2022 US Open - David A. Pearlman

    Sustainable Buildings Working Group - Steven Ehrenberg
    Town-Brookline Housing Authority Working Group - Mariah Nobrega