• November 10th is the 2nd Annual District-wide Professional Development Day on Equity and Unconscious Bias

    On November 10th, the Public Schools of Brookline will host it’s 2nd Annual Professional Development Day devoted to addressing equity and unconscious bias. All teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals will hear two keynote speakers - Jamie Almanzán from the Equity Collaborative and Professor Phil Lee of the University of the District of Columbia Law School. Mr. Almanzán will speak about how listening to students can interrupt implicit bias while Professor Lee will discuss how legal decisions over the last 50 years have helped to perpetuate cycles of racism in schools. In addition to the keynotes, there will be opening and closing performances by BHS students and discussion sessions led by PSB colleagues. Many thanks to the Brookline Education Foundation for its generous support and partnership that makes this professional learning day possible. Please remember that all schools will be closed on November 10.