Spotlight: Educational Equity

  • Educational Equity in Brookline: Led by Dr. Kalise Wornum, Senior Director of Educational Equity, and the Parent Advisory Committee for Educational Equity (see below), PSB is committed to eliminating opportunity and outcome gaps among our students by:

    • Reviewing PSB policies, programs, practices, and documents to ensure they support all students and our mission.
    • Continuing to recruit a diverse group of educators;
    • Providing greater development opportunities for educators of color to become licensed teachers;
    • Developing culturally responsive approaches to student instruction and curriculum;

    What is Educational Equity? Equity is fairness in procedures, processes, and the distribution of resources. Equity exists when disparities in outcomes experienced by historically underrepresented populations have been eliminated. In education, historically underrepresented populations include but are not limited to: students from low-income backgrounds, students with disabilities, and/or students of color.

    In education, equity means expecting nothing less than exceptional outcomes for all students. This includes identifying and eliminating barriers to student achievement, as well as creating educational policies and practices that are fair and just. 

    Practicing educational equity involves understanding the diversity, belonging, and inclusion within our schools to identify areas of disparities, and subsequently changing structures of power and privilege so that these outcomes are eliminated.

    Parent Advisory Committee for Educational Equity: In January 2019, PSB established its first Parent Advisory Committee for Educational Equity. Representatives from each school meet regularly with school leaders to support school us in our efforts to create and promote equitable practices, build inclusive school communities, and work toward closing opportunity gaps and achieving equitable outcomes for all students. 

    Overall, 30 parent representatives make up the PAC: three from each K-8 school; four from Brookline High School; and two from the Brookline Early Education Program, including:

    Baker: Larry Jordan, Sarah Griffen, Lisa Kang

    CCS: Kristin Hung, Shelly Chin

    Driscoll: Pricilla Higuera-Valentine, Lakia Rutherford, Jordanna L’Esperance

    Heath: Miriam Aschkenasy, Lisa Rodrigues, Andeyeliz Papaleo

    Lawrence: Steve Ehrenberg, Ihssane Leckey, Giles Li

    Lincoln: Brendan Saunders, Emy Chan, Deborah Weinograd

    Pierce: Gary McPhail, Naomi Sweitzer, Leslie Forde Gabryelski

    Runkle: Faith Dantowitz, Jessica Mason

    BHS: Beth Niernberg, Heloiza Barbosa, Maria Bellalta, Julie Burkley 

    BEEP: Alice Wong, Aimee Carew-Lyons