Mathematics Overview

  • The PK-8 Mathematics Department oversees the teaching and learning of mathematics, curriculum, assessments, and professional development. The mathematics program is grounded in the 2017 Massachusetts Curriculum Framework for Mathematics, in both the Standards for Mathematical Content and the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  

    The Math Department seeks to meet the needs of all students through a collaborative tiered system of support. Each building is supported by Math Specialists who serve as content specialists, provide coaching and planning support to teachers, and work with students. Math specialists collaborate with teachers to design and provide high quality learning experiences aligned with NCTM’s Effective Math Teaching Practices. The PK-8 Math Department collaborates with ECS, EL and Special Education to make math accessible for all learners in heterogeneously grouped classrooms.


    PSB PK-8 Math Vision Statement 

    The vision for PK-8 mathematics education in the Public Schools of Brookline is to nurture a comprehensive mathematical identity in all of our students, helping them to see themselves as capable mathematicians. Students learn challenging and relevant mathematics through the development of conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application. Our heterogeneously grouped classrooms are set up as creative, collaborative, joyful, student-centered learning spaces. Students are active team members who engage in mathematical discussions, solve real-life and theoretical problems, and use mathematics effectively in a diverse and evolving global society.


    Program Review

    The purpose of the PK-8 Mathematics Program Review is to provide a systematic and public review of mathematics programming for Brookine’s PK-8 students with the goal of continuously improving the educational outcomes for all PK-8 students. The last formal district review of the mathematics program took place in 2005. Changes to the Massachusetts state curriculum frameworks, new Math MCAS, and outdated K-5 and middle school curricula that were not aligned with changes in the national and state standards further supported the need for the program review, and a simultaneous curriculum materials review of both the K-5 and 6-8 mathematics curricula. 

    Starting in January 2018, the PK-8 Mathematics Program Review Committee met to engage in the first phase of the formal PK-8 mathematics review, which is the Study and Vision phase.  This report represents the work of the committee and the concurrent and related work of other stakeholders involved in reviewing and improving the PK-8 mathematics programming for Brookline’s students.

    A report chronicling the first phase of the program review can be viewed here.


Standards for Mathematical Practice