Summaries of BHS Expansion Public Meetings

  • All meeting minutes can be accessed through the agenda center on the Town of Brookline website.

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    January 22, 2020 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

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    October 2, 2019 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

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    June 12, 2019 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

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    April 23, 2019 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

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    March 27, 2019 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

    More than 30 community members joined the building committee to review preliminary plans for demolition and construction around the Cypress building site, which is slated to begin in June 2019. Skanska Superintendent Mike Gear and Project Manager Peter Roche provided updates on different phases of the project, noting that the bulk of the disruption to surrounding communities will happen over the next two years. Mr. Gear and Mr. Roche also reviewed safety plans and route maps for pedestrians, traffic, and deliveries. Building Committee co-chairs George Cole, Susan Wolf Ditkoff, and Nancy Hellar pledge to be transparent and proactive with regards to communication to neighbors regarding updates on construction and invited community members to ask questions and share concerns to the architects and construction team.

    The building committee is scheduled to meet again on Monday, April 22, at 7:00 p.m.

    February 13, 2019 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

    Summary to be added.

    November 19, 2018 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

    Summary to be added.

    September 26, 2018 - BHS Building Committee Meeting

    The BHS Building Committee held its first meeting of the 2018-2019 School Year on September 26. More than 20 community members joined the building committee to hear updates on work completed since June with BHS staff, the MBTA, zoning, and design development. Committee co-chairs Nancy Heller and Susan Wolf Ditkoff formally introduced Skanska, the construction management firm for the expansion project.

    Skanska has put together two specific project teams; one focused around the Cypress building, the other on the STEM Building, Tappan Gym, and renovation of the 3rd floor of the main building. Skanska’s regional executive officer Kerim Evin, general manager Bryan Northop, and project executive Dan Lanneville Skanska will lead these teams.

    Paul Kalous from Hill Associates provided a schedule update for key milestones. Highlights include beginning and completing design development by February 2019, beginning demolition on the Cypress and STEM buildings (in conjunction with the MBTA development project) in Summer 2019, and completing construction of these two buildings by Fall 2021.

    During construction, the Old Lincoln School will be used for the 9th grade class in school years 2019-20 and 2020-21 (current 7th and 8th grade students). Superintendent Bott and Ms. Ditkoff reiterated a commitment to communicate with all families, BHS students and BHS staff about the transition to make sure the school community is fully informed about plans for construction and the use of Old Lincoln School for the 9th grade class.

    Architects Sam Lasky and Andrew Jonic from William Rawn Associates explained the work of the Design Development phase including their ongoing collaboration with town agencies and boards. They provided a physical model of the preliminary design and included samples of the materials that will be used for both interior and exterior construction. Mr. Lasky noted that his team is focusing on matching the type of materials already used in the BHS building as a means to retain its historical look and feel.

    Mr. Kalous also provided an update on progress working with the MBTA. A property survey has been completed and a design has been submitted to the MBTA. Next, Mr. Kalous and the Hill Associates team will work with the MBTA on platform location options and developing a Easement Agreement. He stressed that student safety remains to be a paramount issue during the development of this project.

    The building committee is scheduled to meet again on Monday, November 19, at 7:00 p.m.

    February 27, 2018 - Joint Meeting of the Select Board, School Committee and Building Commission

    Nearly 100 community members attended the Joint Board Meeting to hear a summary presentation about the BHS expansion project and consider the schematic design and preliminary cost estimates. After opening remarks from Select Board Chair Neil Wishinsky and Chair of the BHS Expansion Building Committee and Select Board member Nancy Heller, architects Samuel Lasky and Erik Tellander of William Rawn Associates showed a synopsis of the presentation they made on February 26th and February 7 detailing the rationale, building plans, project budget, and progress working with the MBTA. After the presentation, members of the three boards asked questions of the architects, project managers, and the members of the BHS Building Committee. At the end of the discussion, the three boards voted separately on whether to approve the project's program, schematic design, and budget. All three boards voted unanimously to approve the project. 

    For complete details about the project design, rationale and budget, please click on the presentation below. This presentation was made at the February 26 Public Hearing on the project and was summarized at the Joint Board Meeting. 

    The next step will be for the Select Board to consider whether to include a debt exclusion override on the May Town ballot. The Select Board will make this decision at their March 6th or March 13th meeting. 

    February 26, 2018 - BHS Building Committee Public Hearing

    50 community members attended the BHS Building Committee Public Hearing to hear a full update on the current design for the building expansion and renovation as well as preliminary cost estimates. In their presentation to the public, architects Sam Lasky and Erik Tellander from William Rawn Associates summarized the project rationale and shared the external and internal designs for each of the main areas of the project - the Cypress Street Building, the STEM wing, renovations to the 3rd floor of the main building, and the Tappan Athletic Complex.

    In response to questions and comments from the 10 community members the committee was able to go more in depth on the change in cost estimates over time, the size of the new buildings, timeline, pedestrian safety, sustainability, Cypress Field renovations, programming that could connect students with food sustainability and using the outdoors as a classroom, and collaboration with the MBTA.

    The project manager, Hill Associates also provided an update on the ongoing work with the MBTA that will be necessary to build the Cypress Building over the T tracks. Hill explained that they are working with the MBTA’s Real Estate and the Operations groups as well as four other internal departments and that the Operations group has already provided preliminary approval for building across the tracks. In the coming months as the work progresses, Hill will be submitting a formal proposal to the MBTA.

    The Building Committee voted unanimously in favor of recommending that the program, project design and budget be considered by the Select Board, Building Commission, and School Committee. 

    The BHS campus model created by Rawn Associates that includes all buildings on the campus and those in the surrounding neighborhood was on display for the Building Committee and the public. The model will be on display through the evening of 2/27 and the Joint Board meeting in the Select Board Hearing Room.


    February 7, 2018 -- BHS Expansion Building Committee Meeting

    The BHS Building Committee reviewed the most extensive design plans of the Schematic Design phase yet. William Rawn architects shared visuals, posters, as well as a full 3-D wood and cardboard model of the entire BHS campus that included scale replicas of the new Cypress Street Building, the STEM center, and renovations to the entrance of the Tappan Gym. Presented by architects Sam Lasky and Erik Tellander, the designs show an integrated and unified campus both in the form and the function of the new buildings. Using a combination of brick, glass, columns, and cornices, the design of the new buildings evoke the existing buildings and unify the look and feel of the campus. The architects invited both Building Committee members and community members in attendance to gather around the model where they answered questions and concerns from both groups about access, educational program, and the size of the buildings.  

    Headmaster Anthony Meyer expressed his satisfaction with the process and design so far saying, “You have done a remarkable job of integrating the new buildings. I deeply appreciate how connected to the campus the designs are and how you’ve been able to incorporate so much of the input from the high school staff."

    Rawn also shared preliminary costs based on the estimates of two different cost estimating firms. Rawn received estimates from each firm the week of January 29 are now reviewing and fine tuning them. While earlier estimates during the Feasibility Phase only included costs of renovation and construction of the high school buildings, Rawn’s estimates are more detailed and now include costs for land acquisition, improvement at the Tappan Athletic Complex, building over the MBTA tracks including air rights, Cypress Field improvements and escalation of the construction costs.

    To close the meeting, project management firm Hill International updated the committee on their progress working with the MBTA. They reported that they have received a preliminary approval from the MBTA’s Operations Department to build across the tracks. They reminded those gathered that while this is solid progress, there are four more MBTA departments to work with and this is only one state of the process.  

    The model will be at BHS on February 15 and 16 when the architects once again meet with BHS staff to share the design updates and get input on their work so far. The model will be at Town Hall on February 26 and 27 for the Public Hearing on the BHS Expansion Project and the Joint Board Meeting where the School Committee and Select Board will discuss the design, preliminary costs and next steps. At this meeting the Select Board may vote on whether to put a debt exclusion override to fund the expansion project on the May Town ballot.

    January 10, 2018 -- BHS Expansion Building Committee Meeting

    The team from William Rawn Architects provided an update on progress of the schematic design work including their efforts to create a design that promotes a unified campus with Cypress Field serving as a centerpiece and a civic green. The architects also described their efforts to create a design that addresses key goals in the BHS Education Plan including:  engaging students deeply; exploring connections between fields of study; fostering collaboration; the need to serve all students; and building connections between adults and students and among classmates. The presentation included photos of models of basic floorpans and drawings that illustrate how the architects are working to match the design with the educational plan goals. 

    They also summarized the recent design meetings with BHS faculty and staff on December 14 and 15 and with the Brington Road residents on December 20. During December, the Rawn team had 17 meetings with 21 groups of staff over two days.

    These meetings with BHS faculty and staff were the fourth “Intensive Design Process” meetings this school year with BHS. The presentation summarized input from BHS staff on all areas of the expansion and renovation including the Cypress Building, the STEM Wing, the main building and the Tappan Athletic Complex. Please see the presentation that is linked below for a summary of the input from the design meetings with BHS staff and Brington Road residents.

    After brief updates on the December 18, 2017 Transportation Board meeting and the work with the MBTA on the Cypress Building, the meeting convened. 

    December 11, 2017 -- BHS Expansion Building Committee Meeting

    The BHS Building Committee met on December 11 at Town Hall. The agenda included updates on:  the master schedule; presentation of preliminary design concepts for the Cypress Street Building, the STEM Wing, the renovations to the 3rd floor of the wing along Lowell Road, and the Tappan Athletic Complex; working with the MBTA; and strategies to accommodate staff parking. You can see the presentation from the meeting by following the link below this summary.

    • Cypress Street Building, STEM Wing, 3rd Floor Renovations, and Tappan Athletic Complex: Erik Tellander of William Rawn Architects presented visual representations of early conceptual models for interior floor plans for these buildings. All of these early conceptual models can be seen in the presentaion below. 
    • Hill Associates continues to work with the MBTA's Real Estate Group and its Design and Construction Group. Hill filed the concept plan with the MBTA Real Estate Group during the week of December 1 so the MBTA can start getting feedback from internal departmens and interested parties. Weekly update calls with the MBTA are now established and they will be working to schedule a meeting with the MBTA's Director of Real Estate. 
    • Parking -- Following up on the information they shared on November 29th, Rawn reiterated that they are taking a conservative approach towards identifying the need for parking based on increased staffing and availability of parking permits. At this point, there are three possible paths that will be considered: expanding permits, implementation of the upcoming Transportation Demand Management Program (TDM) that is being developed by the Transportation Department, and/or building parking at 111 Cypress Street. The architects confirmed that the TDM that will be made public at the December 18th Transportation Board meeting will have a significant impact on their planning. 

    The Building Committee discussed the need for staff parking and a statement on whether or not to build underground staff parking. (Statement language to be posted when it is available in final form.)  

    November 29, 2017 -- BHS Expansion Building Committee Meeting

    The BHS Building Committee met on November 29th at Town Hall. The agenda included updates on: early massing studies provided by Sam Lasky and Erik Tellander of William Rawn Architects; the status of MBTA outreach and coordination; the status of traffic and parking analysis; and the acquisition of 111 Cypress.; and the process for hiring a Construction Manager. You can see the presentation from the meeting by following the link below this summar.

    Design Update:

    • STEM Wing: Mr. Lasky and Mr. Tellander of William Rawn Architects shared initial massings of the STEM Wing that will be located at the corner of Tappan and Greenough Streets. These early drawings show the new building is aligned to the scale and height of the current facades of the existing school buildings on Greenough and Tappan Streets. The architects explained their desire to make the ground floor a “place rather than just a passageway” and how it could connect visually and operationally with the existing quadrangle and serve as one of the school’s primary entranceways. 
    • 3rd floor of the Main Building: The existing science labs in this area will be replced by the new STEM Wing. Rawn Architects is looking at what needs to be modified in the existing spaces and what can be used to create new classroom, common, and administrative spaces in this part of the high school.
    • Tappan Athletic Complex: The architects are considering options at Tappan such as having an appropriate entryway that is integrated with Cypress Field, creating more consolidated and open locker room facilities, and including health/fitness rooms, or a community wellness center. They also described the significant needs of this building “behind the walls” such as plumbing, electrical, heating, and ventilation. The architects reiterated that one of the challenges with the Tappan building will be how to facilitate meaningful improvements on a more limited budget.
    • 111 Cypress: the architects showed massing studies and initial conceptual models that would allow this new building to “lean-in to” or overlook the Cypress Field and the rest of campus. They are working on keeping the wider portion of the building towards Cypress Field and away from Brington Road.

    Status of MBTA Outreach and Coordination

    • Hill Associates will be sharing initial concept plans with the MBTA in December so the MBTA can get feedback from departmetns within the MBTA. The MBTA would then use these initial concept plans to develop an appraisal of the impacts on the MBTA.
    • Hill also shared the existing condition plans shared by the T to understand the extent of utilities, parking, and rights of way at the T site.

    Parking Study: William Rawn Architects gave an update that the traffic and parking study is underway. At this point they have gathered data on existing parking for the high school including the three parking lots that are used and the surrounding streets.

    November 14, 2017 -- Fall Town Meeting (Night 1)

    The first of two nights for Fall Special Town Meeting was held on November 14. Part of this meeting was a vote on Article 4 to authorize the taking of 111 Cypress Street by Eminent Domain for the expasion of Brookline High School. The vote passed with 212 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstaining.

    November 7, 2017 -- Board of Selectmen Meeting

    On Tuesday, November 7 the Board of Selectmen considered and approved a motion related to Warrant Article 4 in preparation for November Town Meeting.

    November 6, 2017 -- School Committee Public Hearing

    On Monday, November 6 the School Committee held a Public Hearing to discuss, in part, items related to the BHS Expansion project. These items included the Town Meeting Warrant Article 4 to authorize the Board of Selectmen to acquire 111 Cypress Street, the proposed BHS Space Summary, and the proposed BHS Education Plan. Members of the BHS Building Committee and the team from William Rawn Architects attended the meeting, as well as fifteen community members. Two community members made public comments, and Chairman David Pollak concluded the meeting at 7:20 p.m.

    October 25, 2017 Building Committee and October 26, 2017 School Committee Meeting -- Combined Summary
    (The presentations at these two meetings were virtually identical so we have provided one combined summary.)

    At both meetings, Sam Lasky from William Rawn Architects reviewed the timeline for the Schematic Design Phase that goes through March 2018. Informed the Building Committee of the ongoing meetings with Brookline High School staff and faculty including recent meetings with the Athletic Department

    Mr. Lasky explained that during program verification and through conversations with staff and students, the architects are considering how the spaces that will be developed will support the BHS Education Plan including how to create a unified campus that connects a new building at Cypress Street with the entire campus and creating spaces that support student collaboration and interaction. He shared design concepts for a number of the key spaces included in the Education Plan and how these spaces could potentially be designed and utilized. Some of these spaces included a library, white box theater, science resource center, collaborative spaces, and a “maker space” or hands-on engineering and design space. Rawn Associates also showed a visual representation of the space summary so the Building Committee and School Committee could understand the relative sizes of the new and renovated spaces in the Cypress Building, the Science Wing, and the Tappan Gym. 

    At the School Committee meeting, Superintendent Bott and BHS Dean of Faculty made a presentation summarizing the BHS Education Plan. This plan, developed in 2016-2017 and revised in September 2017, sets the future direction of educational at the high school and is guiding the design of the high school’s expansion.

    Hill Associates reported on the first meeting with the MBTA to discuss the possibility of building the Cypress Building over the MBTA tracks to allow the main entryway and access point to front Cypress Field. The meeting was held with key operations leaders and staff from the MBTA and was described as a positive initial step. Building Committee members discussed how important it is to successfully build over the MBTA tracks to help create unified campus.

    Deputy Superintendent of Administration & Finance Mary Ellen Dunn provided an update to both the Building Committee and the School Committee on related projects being done by other Town departments including the Parks and Open Space Commission’s work on Cypress Field and the Transportation Board’s work on a Traffic Demand Management Plan to address parking and transportation for Town employees.

    The Building Committee meeting also allowed for public comment and discussion.

    October 17, 2017 - School Committee Workshop

    The School Committee held a workshop on Tuesday, October 17th at Town Hall. A portion of this meeting was dedicated to the BHS Expansion Project. Superintendent Andrew Bott and BHS Headmaster Anthony Meyer presented an update to the BHS Education Plan and reviewed the framing questions for its development, including how to accommodate growth and expansion while retaining the essential unity, feel, and cohesion of the BHS campus.

    Following discussion of the BHS Education Plan, Clifford Gayley, William Rawn, and Erik Tellander from William Rawn Associates Architects presented an update to the BHS Space Summary. The architects provided an overview of the schedule including key milestone dates, reviewed the scope of the project, and explained the steps and stages of the Schematic Design Phase. They summarized BHS staff and student feedback that they garnered during their meetings at the high school and discussed the current culture of BHS: the high degree of collaboration and camaraderie among faculty, students connecting with faculty, 9th graders learning from upper class students, and how diversity is embraced rather than stigmatized. In addition, the architects discussed possibilities for creating a two-way campus and described program elements in support of the Education Plan.

    The School Committee also discussed Cypress Field projects, the Town’s Traffic Demand Management Study and the development of a parking strategy for BHS. The workshop concluded with a short discussion on potential ways to enhance the Tappan gym that would benefit both the schools and the community, and asked for additional information as well as a future School Committee discussion on this subject.

    September 29, 2017 - Building Committee Meeting

    The Building Committee for the Brookline High School Expansion Project held their first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year on Friday, September 29th at Town Hall. After introductions, Joe Naughton of Hill International, which is serving as the Project Manager, explained the key stages of the Schematic Design Phase and shared a timeline for each phase. Program and Space Needs Verification is underway and will be completed by the end of October. Design Development, including cost development, will begin in October and go until March. Starting in March 2018 and going until May 2018, the Schematic Design will be finalized and formally presented for approval to Town boards, commissions and Town Meeting. Next, Sam Lasky of the project’s architects, William Rawn Associates, explained the major milestones of the Schematic Design Phase and a recap of work that has been completed over the last month. Mr. Lasky described how members of the Rawn team held 30 meetings in three days at Brookline High School with staff, students, and administrators to help his team better understand the culture, strengths, and needs of the school. BHS Headmaster Anthony Meyer and Dean of Faculty Jenee Ramos thanked the Rawn team for asking thoughtful questions of the faculty that helped them generate powerful ideas about the future of the school and its campus. Mr. Lasky noted the meetings helped the Rawn team understand the importance of a unified campus that maintains a “small school feel” and fully integrates any new Cypress Street building with the entire campus. Mr. Lasky explained that throughout the entire Schematic Design Phase, the Rawn team will bringing design ideas back to staff and students to get input and feedback.

    The Committee also discussed related projects including working with the MBTA on building over the Green Line and the acquisition of 111 Cypress Street. Donna Camiolo of Hill International provided an update on the MBTA outreach plan that has already begun. With regard to the 111 Cypress Acquisition, Co-chair Nancy Heller explained that the Special Town Meeting in November will consider Warrant Article 4 on whether to authorize the acquisition of 111 Cypress Street for municipal needs including the possible expansion of the high school. Selectman Heller also noted that the Advisory Board, the School Committee, and the Board of Selectmen would be holding public hearings on Warrant Article 4 prior to Town Meeting.

    Co-chair Susan Wolf Ditkoff led a discussion about public engagement and keeping community members, parents of school children, and BHS neighbors informed and up to date on the project.  Ms. Wolf Ditkoff  reiterated that various Boards and Commissions--all with individual meeting dates and in some cases, votes--hold different pieces of the project. The School Department explained how it will use the district website, email, and social media to alert people of upcoming meetings, provide summaries of meetings, and continue to provide project updates.


    September 13, 14, and 15, 2017 - Architects Meetings with BHS Staff, Administrators and Students

    William Rawn Associates spent three days at the high school, meeting with various groups and holding a number of meetings. Mornings began with a coffee hour open to all staff for questions, and meetings were scheduled throughout day and into afternoon with teachers, program leaders, and staff. Rawn also had conversations and building tours with students to get their input on what works well in the existing high school buildings and what can be improved. During the three days, Rawn held more than 20 meetings with high school staff, administrators, and students.

    May 23, 2017 - Brookline Town Meeting

    Town Meeting voted strongly in favor of moving forward the Brookline High School Renovation and Expansion project into the Schematic Design Phase. The 216 to 1 vote to allocate $1.85 million allows the BHS Building Committee and architects further develop the design for Preferred Design “Option 4D”. This design will maintain one, unified campus for BHS by adding a 9th grade building on Cypress Street, creating a new Science and STEM center on the corner of Tappan and Greenough Streets, and renovate existing classroom and common spaces in the main building. The additions will help create a small school feel for 9th graders as they transition from our elementary schools, while allowing them to access arts, athletic, and upper-level courses across campus. Facility upgrades at the main building will allow for state of the art science facilities and enable integration across disciplines and collaborative spaces for all grades. BHS Building Committee Chairs Selectman Nancy Heller and School Committee Member Susan Wolf Ditkoff presented a strong case for moving forward and the current timeline for the project. 

    May 3, 2017 - Building Committee Meeting

    At the BHS Building Committee’s seventh meeting, HMFH made a short presentation reviewing the four design options and variations that have been presented at previous meetings. Prior to voting unanimously for Option 4D, the committee discussed a number of issues in detail which are included in the synopsis below. With the committee selecting a preferred design the next step in the process will be a vote at May Town Meeting for funding for the Schematic Design Phase.

    Detailed Synopsis
    The committee discussed related issues at length including:  the possible conversion of the BHS quad/courtyard into space that can be used during the entire school year; a proposed building on Cypress  Street; the importance of ensuring that any renovation fulfills significant portions of the BHS Education Plan; the need to accommodate the expanded demand for athletic facilities through improvements at Tappan Gym and Cypress Field; construction phasing; the complexity of working with the MBTA; and sentiments of the abutters. Discussion related to a possible building on Cypress Street addressed the range of possible programming options, the feasibility of building over the MBTA tracks, and existing easements on the property.

    In response to questions by committee members, Pip Lewis of HMFH Architects  explained conservative and preliminary estimates for phasing of the various options. Option 1 could be completed in 30 months. Option 2 would take four years and be completed in two phases with the first phase needing 30 months and the second phase taking up to 18 months. Option 3 would take up to 5 ½ years and be built in three phases; the first phase completed in 30 months, the second in 18 months, and the third in 18 months. Option 4 could be built in one or two phases. If Option 4 was completed in one phase it would take 30 months and if it was split into two phases it would take up to an additional 18 months. Mr. Lewis emphasized that he was giving conservative estimates on phasing at this point because of the significant level of design work that still remains to be done during the Schematic Design phase.
    The committee then discussed input received during the public hearings on April 26 and 27, during Brookline High School faculty meetings, and via the BHS expansion website. The committee reviewed the summary of comments made at the April 26 Building Committee Public Hearing, and Chair Susan Ditkoff summarized both the School Committee’s public hearing and the School Committee’s discussion of the design options. Headmaster Anthony Meyer and Dean of Faculty Jenee Ramos shared the input gathered recently at three meetings with BHS staff and another meeting with BHS administrators. In addition to describing the wide range of input from BHS staff, they also explained the necessity for additional and ongoing collaboration with the staff throughout the Schematic Design phase so staff input is heard, included in the process, and helps to shape the final design decisions.
    Superintendent Bott clarified the possibilities of what could be accomplished relative to the BHS Education Plan if Options 4B or Option 4D that create a new science wing are selected. Discussion then ensued about whether renovations to the main building as part of Option 4 could support facilities such as a new library, renovated classrooms, student support facilities, and collaborative spaces.
    The committee also discussed the need for a variety of processes that will have to go on in parallel as the schematic design proceeds including traffic and parking studies, the Parks and Open Space design and review process for Cypress Field, and eminent domain and site acquisition.
    Nancy Heller gave an update from the Transportation Board meeting and the discussion there about the upcoming Transportation Demand Management Plan that the town is starting. Discussion followed about any traffic study done by HMFH and how it will need to coincide and be aligned with any work done as part of the Traffic Demand Management Plan.
    Prior to a vote on selecting a path forward, each committee member had a chance to share their thoughts about the proposed options and explain any positives and concerns they have. The committee also reviewed estimated costs for each design option, which range from $105 million to $348 million.
    The committee voted unanimously to support Design Option 4D. Preliminary massing of this design includes a new building on Cypress Street, a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) building on the corner of Tappan and Greenough Streets, and additional renovations and improvements to the main BHS building. This option does not include improvements to Tappan Gym or Cypress field at this point. The preliminary cost estimate for Design Option 4 is $136 million.
    April 27, 2017 - School Committee Public Hearing 
    April 26, 2017 - Building Committee Public Hearing 
    Mary Ellen Dunn, Matt Oudens, Nancy O’Connor, Ian Roffmann, Bobbie Knable, George Cole, Susan Wolf Ditkoff, Nancy Heller, Dan Bennett, Nicholas Gerszten
    Selectman Nancy Heller opened the meeting by introducing the Building Committee members to the twenty-five community members present. Selectman Heller then summarized the work of the Building Committee to date. HMFH presented all four options under consideration, including preliminary cost estimates for each. After the presentation from HMFH, comments were made by the following members of the public:
    • Susan Vishner - 88 Tappan St.
    • Deborah Rivers - 175 Davis Ave.
    • Tom Clasby - 175 Davis Ave.
    • Nick Peterson  - 85 Greenough St.
    • Tom Nally  - 17 Cushing Rd.
    • Kim Kushner - 46 Hyslop Rd.
    • John Dempsey – 43 Brignton Rd.

    Summary of Questions/Comments raised during public input:

    • Concern about size of potential building on Tappan Street.
    • A five-story building would adversely affect abutters, particularly related to sunlight.
    • The anticipated large increase in volume of traffic, ongoing construction, and disruption to neighborhood related to construction are areas of major concern.
    • Question about timeline and process.
    • What will happen with Cypress Field? What will the process be?
    • Do any of the design options already include parking?
    • Concern about height of the building both at Greenough Street and on Tappan Street.
    • Option 4 seems to be the most economical, cost effective, best on phasing, and a good compromise, however Tappan questions do still need to be answered.
    • It is important to consider how to allow for as many of the Education Plan options within Option 4.
    • Need to consider how well each option fulfills the Education Plan, and will the Education Plan be evaluated in light of each option?
    • Heating and ventilation systems need to be addressed in the existing building.
    • Unease surrounding cafeteria (kind of "creepy"). 
    • Could the courtyard be used for cafeteria or other uses with a glass enclosure?
    • The UAB parking lot will look like a “missing tooth” and should be considered for an upgrade.
    • Easements at 111 Cypress need to be addressed and it is known to be a difficult lot to build on.
    • How will the operations of the building be addressed, particularly as it relates to Brington Road?
    • Considerations surrounding grade level access to the Cypress building from Tappan.
    • Will the Cypress building be dedicated to a specific grade or curriculum area?
    • What is the level of risk or possibility for excessive additional costs for land acquisition?

    Selectman Heller closed the meeting by explaining the timeline and next steps for the process, and announced that the Building Committee intends to select a preferred option at the next Building Committee Meeting on Wednesday, May 3rd.

    April 13, 2017 - Building Committee Meeting
    At the Building Committee’s sixth public meeting, HMFH Architects presented a new expansion concept and design options. Options 4A, 4B, 4C, and 4D include a new 9th Grade Academy that would be located on Cypress Street and have additional renovations at the main building on Greenough Street. The 9th Grade Academy would include classrooms for all subjects, art and music classrooms, a cafeteria and a library as well as collaborative learning spaces. The main building options include building new science classrooms, and a range of renovations of existing classrooms. For sketches of these options, follow the link to the Option 4 presentation below.

    The committee discussed at length the value of a 9th Grade Academy and how well it aligned with the BHS Education Plan. Superintendent Bott and BHS Headmaster Anthony Meyer expressed strong support for the 9th Grade Academy concept explaining that it would allow for a better transition to high school for 9th grade students, would support a small school feel across all grades, and would promote the type of interdisciplinary education called for in the school’s Education Plan

    HMFH presented preliminary costs for all versions of Massing Option 4, and the committee compared costs for all four massing alternatives that have been presented. HMFH also shared options for upgrades to Cypress Field and possible renovations at Tappan Gym including improvements to locker rooms and fitness spaces, a common entry with the Kirrane Pool, and a new practice gym. 

    The Building Committee announced two upcoming Public Hearings that community members are invited to attend. Each public hearing will include a full update on the expansion process to date, a presentation of all massing options with preliminary costs, and time for public comment. These hearing will take place on April 26 and April 27 at Town Hall in the School Committee Room. Please see the Upcoming Meetings page to see the complete schedule of public meetings. 
    March 15, 2017 -- Community Update Meeting  
    More than 50 community members attended the second  Community Update Meeting of the year for the BHS Expansion Project on March 15th at Town Hall. Superintendent Andrew Bott opened the meeting with a brief presentation for the need of an expanded BHS including a recap of the ongoing and anticipated enrollment increase at BHS. Headmaster Anthony Meyer summarized the high school’s Educational Plan and the work being done now to implement the plan ahead of the anticipated building expansion. Pip Lewis of HMFH architects presented the three different approaches to expanding BHS on the current site and  the preliminary cost estimates that had first been shared with the BHS Building Committee at the March 13th Building Committee Meeting. During the second half of the meeting community members asked questions of and gave input to the Building Committee members and HMFH. 
    March 13, 2017 -- Building Committee Meeting 
    March 1, 2017 -- Building Committee Meeting
    The Building Committee’s fourth public meeting took place at Brookline High School on March 1. Prior to the meeting, the committee members took an hourlong tour of the main building led by Headmaster Anthony Meyer and Assistant Headmaster Hal Mason. During the meeting, HMFH Architects presented drawings of massing models that show possible locations on the BHS campus where renovations and expansion could occur. HMFH shared six different approaches that will be considered. While preliminary costs were not shared at this meeting, the six massing models spanned the three different programming levels that HMFH presented at the February 2 Building Committee meeting. The meeting closed with the Building Committee rescheduling their March 8 meeting to March 13 and finalizing the March 15 Community Update meeting that will take place at Town Hall at 7:00 p.m.
    February 2, 2017 -- Building Committee Meeting
    The Building Committee for the BHS Expansion project had its third meeting and focused on the draft space summary that HMFH Architects has worked to develop through meetings with high school and district leaders and staff. The committee discussed the three program levels HMFH is using to create space summary options for a Brookline High School with 2,700 students. HMFH also presented summaries of the square footage required at each of the three program levels. The committee also discussed upcoming meetings and the schedule of public and community meetings. The current schedule of anticipated meetings is linked to below.
    January 12, 2017 -- Community Update Meeting on BHS Expansion
    Nearly 70 parents and neighbors came to BHS’s Black Box Theater to hear an update from Superintendent Andrew Bott, BHS Headmaster Anthony Meyer and HMFH Architects about BHS Expansion. Superintendent Bott shared data about the tremendous enrollment growth that BHS is now experiencing and explained the process over the past four years that has led to the current feasibility study. Mr. Meyer summarized the new educational plan that is driving design development. HMFH explained the steps of the Feasibility Phase that will lead to a preferred design being selected early this spring. School Committee members and Building Committee members attended and answered questions from the audience. 
    January 11, 2017 -- BHS Building Committee Meeting
    The BHS Building Committee held its second meeting at Town Hall. HMFH Architects went over the Feasibility Phase schedule and deliverables, reviewed the existing BHS site and discussed possible locations for expansion on the existing site. The committee also scheduled upcoming Building Committee Meetings and discussed scheduling additional public meetings. 
    December 7, 2016 -- BHS Building Committee Meeting
    The first meeting of the Brookline High School Building Committee took place on December 7 at 6:00 p.m. in the School Committee Meeting Room on the 5th floor of Town Hall.
    June 13, 2016 -- BHS Expansion Working Group Community Meeting
    The BHS Expansion Working Group  held a community meeting to share the current timeline and process for this expansion project, which is designed to prepare PSB for the rapid increase in high school enrollment expected in the coming years. Presenting were school and BHS administration and representatives from Symmes Mani & McKee Associates (SMMA) architectural firm. More than 70 parents and guardians came to the meeting, where after the presentation they split up into groups to go to four "break out" rooms where they could look at four options--expanding the current BHS campus, one high school-two campuses, two self-contained high schools, other ideas and approaches--and list the strengths and challenges with each one. Then everyone went back into the presentation room and talked about what their group came up with followed by Q&A. The process was inclusive and informative with lots of great ideas and comments throughout the evening.