• Charge and Membership of the Driscoll School Building Advisory Committee
    There shall be established a Driscoll School Building Advisory Committee. In keeping with recent practice on the Brookline High School project, this committee uses the MSBA Building Committee guidelines as a starting point. The Committee shall consist of a member of the Select Board and a member of the School Committee, who shall serve as co-chairs of the Committee. The other members of the Committee shall be as listed below.
    • The Building Committee shall advise and support the Building Commission, Select Board, and School Committee in connection with their authority and responsibilities for the construction and alteration of town buildings and structures under Article 3.7 of the General By-Laws of the Town of Brookline. The Building Committee shall also be the main body responsible for engaging and informing the public on the project.

    • The Building Committee shall work with the Project Manager and consultants in support of the project. The Project Managers(s) shall attend all the meetings of the Building Committee and serve as the Committee’s staff person(s).

    • The Building Committee shall be concerned with all aspects of the project including budget, schedule, safety, public relations, coordination of town agencies, logistics, and contract compliance.



    Heather Hamilton

    Co-Chair, Select Board

    Susan Wolf Ditkoff

    Co-Chair, School Committee

    Karen Breslawski

    Building Commission

    David Lescohier

    Advisory Committee

    Ali Tali

    Transportation Board

    Nancy O'Connor

    Parks and Recreation Commission

    Dan Deutsch

    Community Representative

    Victor Kusmin

    Community Representative

    Val Frias

    Community Representative/Special Education Parent Advisory Council *

    Arjun Mande 

    Community Representative

    Lakia Rutherford

    Parent Representative / METCO

    Sara Stoutland

    Community Representative

    Mel Kleckner

    Town Administrator or designee

    Ben Lummis

    Interim Superintendent of Schools or designee

    Dr. Nicole Gittens

    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Teaching and Learning

    Mary Ellen Normen

    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Administration and Finance

    Dr. Suzie Talukdar

    School Principal Representative

    Robert Mullin

    Project Manager, School Department

    Tony Guigli

    Project Manager, Building Department

    Daniel Bennett

    Building Commissioner or designee

    Table: Driscoll School Building Committee Members

    Dan Deutsch is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, where he earned a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management. He subsequently received an MBA from Northeastern University in Supply Chain Management. Mr. Deutsch has worked in the private sector for organizations like Hewlett Packard, Moody's Financial Services, and American Express, but in 2008 made the switch to the nonprofit arena which better reflected his interests and values. Mr. Deutsch's nonprofit experience includes directing an accredited gap year program in Israel for teenagers, as well as managing the Maccabi Games, an international athletic competition for teenagers. He is now is the Executive Director of Temple Israel in Boston, the largest synagogue in New England. Mr. Deutsch is entering his second year of volunteering on the Driscoll Site Council. He and his wife Amy live on University Road with their two children and love being part of the Driscoll community.

    Karen Breslawski is a current Building Commission member and moth of a Brookline High School student. Ms. Breslawski previously worked as an architect on public projects for the past 36 years for Massachusettes Agencies and Municipalities, including some peer review for Massachusettes School Building Authority projects. She was involved at meetings when the Runkle School was under design and renovation back in 2008.

    Arjun Mande provides design leadership across a broad spectrum of educational projects including  student life, research, and teaching spaces. Mr. Mande is motivated to create buildings that are beautiful, sustainable, and healthy. As an architect and urban designer, he envisions buildings that are both distinctive and that contribute to shaping a broader campus setting.  Mr. Mande's award-winning work includes new construction, additions, and transformations of existing buildings. As an Associate Principal and one of the firm’s most talented designers, he has held lead design roles on multiple Goody Clancy projects over the past 14 years, which include projects at MIT, Dartmouth College and Boston University, and is one of the firm’s sustainable design champions. 

    Sara Stoutland has been involved with the Brookline Schools for 20 years.  As a parent leader, Ms. Stoutland works with BHS site council to strengthen BHS’s support for mental wellness, stress management and career development.  As Driscoll PTO chair, she spearheaded more inclusive fundraising and communication strategies. In addition she founded and ran Science Solstice. Her career has focussed on supporting schools, families and communities short on economic and political resources. She has research and program expertise in college and career readiness, youth safety and violence, family engagement, and achievement gaps. In the early 2000’s, Ms. Stoutland was part of a consultant team for the Brookline School Committee’s African American Achievement Evaluation, African American and Latino Scholars, and Step to Success programs. She received her B.A. from Oberlin College and her Ph.D. in Anthropology and Feminist Studies from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Stoutland was also a postdoctoral research fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard.