• Charge and Membership of the Driscoll School Building Advisory Committee
    There shall be established a Driscoll School Building Advisory Committee. In keeping with recent practice on the Brookline High School project, this committee uses the MSBA Building Committee guidelines as a starting point. The Committee shall consist of a member of the Select Board and a member of the School Committee, who shall serve as co-chairs of the Committee. The other members of the Committee shall be as listed below.
    • The Building Committee shall advise and support the Building Commission, Select Board, and School Committee in connection with their authority and responsibilities for the construction and alteration of town buildings and structures under Article 3.7 of the General By-Laws of the Town of Brookline. The Building Committee shall also be the main body responsible for engaging and informing the public on the project.

    • The Building Committee shall work with the Project Manager and consultants in support of the project. The Project Managers(s) shall attend all the meetings of the Building Committee and serve as the Committee’s staff person(s).

    • The Building Committee shall be concerned with all aspects of the project including budget, schedule, safety, public relations, coordination of town agencies, logistics, and contract compliance.



    Dr. Miriam Aschkenasy

    Co-Chair, Select Board

    Val Frias

    Co-Chair, School Committee

    Karen Breslawski

    Building Commission

    David Pollak

    Advisory Committee

    Ali Tali

    Transportation Board

    Nancy O'Connor

    Parks and Recreation Commission

    Dan Deutsch

    Community Representative

    Victor Kusmin

    Community Representative


    Community Representative/Special Education Parent Advisory Council *

    Arjun Mande 

    Community Representative

    Susan Wolf Ditkoff

    Community Representative

    Lakia Rutherford

    Parent Representative / METCO

    Sara Stoutland

    Community Representative

    Mel Kleckner

    Town Administrator or designee

    Dr. Linus Guillory

    Superintendent of Schools or designee

     Lesley Ryan Miller

    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Teaching and Learning


    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Administration and Finance

    David Youkilis

    School Principal Representative

    Matt Gillis

    Project Manager, School Department

    Tony Guigli

    Project Manager, Building Department

    Daniel Bennett

    Building Commissioner or designee

    Table: Driscoll School Building Committee Members