• Charge and Membership of the Baldwin School Building Committee

    There shall be established a Baldwin School Building Committee. In keeping with recent practice on the Devotion/Coolidge Corner School and Brookline High School projects, this committee uses the MSBA Building Committee guidelines as a starting point. The Committee shall consist of a member of the Select Board and a member of the School Committee, who shall serve as co-chairs of the Committee. The other members of the Committee shall be as listed below. The co-chairs, shall select representatives from the Park and Recreation Commission, the Building Commission, the Planning Board, and the Advisory Committee. The co-chairs shall also select representatives of the greater Baldwin neighborhood, the school- parent community, and a Town-wide person from applications submitted to the Select Board by the deadline of September 17, 2018.
    • The Building Committee shall advise and support the Building Commission, Select Board and School Committee in connection with their authority and responsibilities for the construction and alteration of town buildings and structures under Article 3.7 of the General By-Laws of the Town of Brookline. The Building Committee shall also be the main body responsible for engaging and informing the public on the project.

    • The Building Committee shall work with the Project Manager and consultants in support of the project. The Project Managers(s) shall attend all the meetings of the Building Committee and serve as the Committee’s staff person(s).

    • The Building Committee shall be concerned with all aspects of the project including budget, schedule, safety, public relations, coordination of town agencies, logistics, and contract compliance.



    Bernard Greene

    Co-Chair, Select Board

    Julie Schreiner-Oldham

    Co-Chair, School Committee

    Nathan Peck

    Building Commission

    Suzanne Federspiel

    School Committee

    Mike Sandman

    Advisory Committee

    Clara Batchelor

    Parks and Recreation Commission

    Blair Hines

    Planning Board/Greater Baldwin Community Representative

    Rebecca Manor

    SEPAC/School Parent Community Representative

    Michelle Morrissey

    Community Representative

    Deborah Abner

    Community Representative

    Mary Weitzel

    Community Representative

    Mel Kleckner

    Town Administrator or designee

    Andrew Bott

    Superintendent of Schools or designee

    Casey Ngo-Miller

    Interim Deputy Superintendent for Student Services

    Mary Ellen Dunn

    Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Administration and Finance

    Dr. Mary Brown

    Senior Director for Teaching and Learning (former Baker School Principal)

    Ben Lummis

    Project Manager, School Department

    Ray Masak

    Project Manager, Building Department

    Daniel Bennett

    Building Commissioner or designee

    Table: Baldwin School Building Committee Members


    Clara Batchelor is the founding principal of CBA Landscape Architects LLC, a firm that has for the last thirty years specialized in urban spaces and residential landscapes. She has designed more than fifty neighborhood parks and schoolyards. Notable examples include the award winning Harriet Tubman Park in Boston's South End, Box District Park in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and the Eliot Schoolyard in Boston's North End. A graduate of Smith College, Ms. Batchelor received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. She is a Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the Town of Brookline.


    Mary Weitzel is the mother of three current Heath School students. Ms. Weitzel previously attended the Baldwin and Heath Schools as a child and currentyl lives in close proximity to the Baldwin School.  She has a legal and public health background and has participated in collaborative public policy, public finance and community-based projects in a variety of capacities over the years.  


    Deborah Abner is a school librarian at the William H. Lincoln School. A 26 year resident of South Brookline, Ms. Abner and her husband have four children who graduated from Brookline schools.  In addition to her work at Lincoln, Ms. Abner is also an active memebr of the PSB community, having served as co-president of the Baker School PTO for three years. 


    Nancy O'Connor is the current vice chair of the Parks and Recreation Commision  and has worked on Design Review teams for amost every park in the Town of Brookline. A fourth generation resident, Ms. O'Connor served as the Co-Chair of the Pierce School PTO and the Brookline High School Friends Of Athletics. Her grandsons are currently students at Baker School. 


    Michael Sandman has been a Brookline resident since 1974.  He is a member of the Advisory Committee and chair of Advisory’s school subcommittee.  He was a member of the BSPACE Committee and the 2017 Override Study Committee.  Mr. Sandman is a former chair of the Brookline Transportation Board and of the Brookline Community Foundation.  He had a career in management consulting and is a volunteer for SCORE, a national organization that provides free counseling to small businesses and startups.  Mr. Sandman and his wife have two daughters.


    Blair Hines is a Landscape Architect and have worked with developers and municipalities for over 27 years. Mr. Hines have been active in Brookline Town government over the past 3 years with the planing board, and has served as a neighborhood representative for the 9th school building project.