Project Overview

Posted by Gabriel McCormick on 10/20/2022

The overall middle school review will consist of three Stages to take us from initial fact finding and data collection to implementing possible changes and revisions. All three Stages will include multiple opportunities for stakeholder engagement.


This plan is subject to change as we learn from each Stage and as circumstances dictate.


STAGE 0: PREPARATION (fall 2021 - winter 2022)

In this Stage we wrote, reviewed, and submitted a Request for Proposals for the middle school review. From the submitted proposals, we selected to work with New Solutions K-12 for their expertise in scheduling and other operational components of our middle grades program.


STAGE I: DISCOVERY (spring 2022 - spring 2023)

The Discovery Stage will focus on defining our current middle school program. This will include analysis of school schedules, how each school is staffed, the programming available to students, and overall budgets. The goal of this Stage is to end with a series of reports that will allow us to enter the design phase with the most accurate data and information possible.

Phase 1: Paperwork Review (Spring 2022 - Fall 2022)

Analyze schedules, staffing lists, and programming

Phase 2: Engagement (Fall 2022 - Winter 2023)

Staff, Student, and Community focus groups & surveys

Presentation of Stage 1 Findings (Spring 2023)


STAGE II: DESIGN (expected summer 2023 - summer 2024)

In the Design Stage we will use the information gathered during the Discovery Stage, along with research on best practices for middle grade students to determine how we might improve our middle school program. This Stage will focus on generating ideas and prioritizing them so that we can develop an implementation plan rooted in our community values and research based practices.


STAGE III: IMPLEMENTATION (expected fall 2024 - summer 2026)

The Implementation Stage will take the planning from the Design Stage and work to outline and implement those plans. This will include establishing an implementation calendar, developing budgets for any changes, and designing a support plan to ensure high quality implementation. Once any changes are made and supported, we will close the formal review process and enter an ongoing maintenance and observation mode.


Project timeline