School Building Services

  • Facilities Master Plan Documents

    A Safe, Clean School Building Environment

    School Building Services staff work daily to keep our school buildings clean to support an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. As often as practical and effective, Green Seal Certified, and other environmentally certified products (ECO Logo™ ) are used to clean, disinfect and maintain the buildings. Please follow the links below to read the 2009 Town-wide Green Cleaning Policy and the 2010 School Committee Policy.

    In addition to regular building cleaning and maintenance, the School Building Services Department is responsible for responding to emergencies within a school building. Should an emergency arise, the building’s senior custodian and Ed Clancy should be notified immediately.  Ed Clancy can be reached at (617) 799-7443.  If you are unable to contact Ed, please call Matt Gillis, Director of Operations at (617) 730-2419. 

    Use of School Buildings Program

    The School Building Services Department manages the Use of School Buildings Rental Program. Organizations both inside and outside the School Department may use space within the school buildings for social, community-based or sporting events. You can access the use of space/rental application by clicking here. For questions about availability, invoicing, and insurance requirements please contact Lindsey Chapin at 617-730-2453.


    Pest-Free Environments

    The Building Services Department maintains a strict protocol for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is an approach to pest control that relies on a combination of common-sense practices for preventing and controlling pests such as insects and small rodents. In an IPM approach, all possible pest management options are considered, not just pesticides. Considerable effort is also put towards preventing pest problems by controlling conditions in buildings that might attract and support pests. IPM plans have been developed for each school to ensure the health and safety of students, teachers, staff, administrators and all others using Brookline’s public school buildings.
    IPM is a collaborative effort involving administrators, teachers, students, facilities staff and pest control operators, among others. All pest sightings should be noted in the IPM logbook located in the Administrative office of each school. A complete IPM plan, including instructions for logging sightings, is available in the Principal’s office. A copy is also provided to the Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture and is updated annually. The senior custodian at each school checks the logbook daily and arranges corrective action through the Building Services Department.

     School Building Contacts


    Matt Gillis, Director of Operations

    PH (617) 730 - 2419


    Ed Clancy, Manager of Building Services

    PH (617) 730 - 5419

    CELL (617) 799 - 7443

    FAX (617) 730-2682