Finance Department

  • The finance department is responsible for processing, monitoring, and reporting all financial transactions for the school system including accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase order processing, payroll, accounting,  financial reporting, student activity funds, grants,donations/revolving funds. More information regarding this department follows. 

  • Diane Johnson
    Director of Finance

    Program Manager for Administration and Finance
    (617) 730-2425

    Debra MacDonald
    Payroll/Benefits Manager

    Donna Chisholm
    Budget Analyst/Accounts Payable Manager
    (617) 730-2423 

    Peggy Lee
    Accounts Payable 
    (617) 730-2411

    Natalie Greening
    Payroll Specialist
    (617) 730-2426

    Payroll Specialist
    (617) 730-2247

  • Budget

    Deputy Superintendent is responsible for collaboratively developing a financial plan that aligns with strategic improvement efforts and organizational goals. The finance team processes and monitors daily activity related to the implementation of the plan approved by the School Committee and Town meeting as well as provides guidance and support to staff tasked with finance related responsibilities.  Learn more about the School Department Budget.  


    School Payroll is responsible for ensuring that all employees are paid regularly, accurately and promptly. The Payroll Office processes all related transactions for all school employee compensation regardless of funding source. Learn more about our Payroll Office.


    The Finance Department works closely with the Town Purchasing Department to ensure all purchases are in accordance with applicable bidding laws, such as M.G.L. Chapter 30B.

    Accounting and Accounts Payable

    The Finance department works closely with the Treasurer and Comptroller's Office to ensure timely payment of all invoices. Accounts payable can provide details about current and pending payments such as check numbers, list of invoices paid, encumbrance balances, and vendor status. All vendors must have a W-9 Form on file with the Town Comptroller’s Office. The accounts payable office can provide instructions and blank forms on request.

    Accounts Receivable - Fiscal Agent for External Funds 

    The Finance Department is responsible for accepting, recording, processing, and reporting information related to grants, gifts, donations, student activities, revolving funds, and reimbursement programs for the school department.