Operations Department

  • The operations department is responsible for safety and security, facility maintenance and repair, capital projects, building rentals, food services, and transportation.  More information regarding this department follows.

  • TBD
    Director of Operations
    (617) 730-2419

    Ed Clancy
    Manager of Building Services
    (617) 730-5419

    Sandra Edwards
    Administrative Assistant
    (617) 730-2453

  • Food Services

    The Food Service Department mission is to improve the health of students by providing an attractive and nutritious offering while at the same time enhancing nutrition education for the students. Learn more about our Food Services Department.

    School Building Services

    The School Building Services Department provides custodial, operation and delivery, special events and maintenance support to all public schools in Brookline. The School Building Services Department also oversees the Use of School Building rental program. Learn more about our School Building Services.

    Capital Projects

    Click here to learn more about School Capital Projects.


    The Transportation Department coordinates regular pupil transportation for all eligible public school pupils who reside 1 1/2 miles or more in walking distance from their regular assigned school and all English Language Learner and Special Education transportation as approved by the School Committee or required by the State Department of Education. 
Eastern Bus Company operates the four (4) yellow school buses for home to school, athletic, and field trips. YCN Transportation operates the in-town and out-of-town student services transportation.

    In addition, YCN operates bus routes that are difficult to service with a yellow school bus. Contact Evan Schwartz, Transportation Coordinator at (617)-730-2452 or by email at evan_schwartz@psbma.org.