• Budget Development Process

    The purpose of budget development is to estimate the funds required to operate the school departments' educational and support programs for the coming year. Budget development includes the formulation and distribution of individual school and department budget preparation materials and the synthesis of these into a Superintendent’s proposed budget each February 15th. Following the Brookline School Committee’s Budget Directives and Financial Guidelines, a budget is prepared and forwarded to the Committee for approval annually. Once approved, the budget is forwarded to the Town’s Advisory Committee and Town Meeting for review and bottom line approval. 
  • Budget Analysis

    Budget analysis includes the compilation and analysis of budget, revenue, and expenditure data. Budget analysis permits the dissemination of financial information for administrative and School Committee decision-making, state reporting requirements, and citizen information.

FY21 Budget Process

  • Each year, the Public Schools of Brookline works with each individual school and department to develop a budget for the upcoming year.

    In an effort to provide more information, details, understanding, and involvement in the process this year, the School Committee will have a series of presentations and public meetings specifically on PSB's budget. The purpose of these presentations is to help inform the public about key areas of the public schools budget prior to Interim Superintendent Lummis presenting his recommended budget to the School Committee on January 30, 2020. Please see below.

    Community members are invited to provide feedback during public comment at these meetings. These presentations will typically include a combination of background information on the costs, drivers, staffing, and challenges of the PSB budget. In addition, this is a great opportunity to learn more about key areas of the PSB including programs, services, and departments.

    All School Committee meeting notices are publicly posted.
    To confirm the date, time and location of a particular meeting, please visit the Town calendar at this link:
    By clicking on a particular meeting you can access all of the relevant details, including the agenda which is posted no later than 48 hours before each meeting.

    School Committee meetings are televised on Brookline Interactive Group (BIG). Recordings of prior meetings are also available on the BIG website. 

    Schedule of Budget Presentations (as of January 6, 2020)


    Meeting Type


    November 14

    School Committee Meeting

    December 5

    School Committee Workshop

    December 12

    School Committee Meeting

    December 18

    School Committee
    Finance Subcommittee

    January 9

    School Committee Meeting

    January 15

    School Committee
     Finance Subcommittee

    January 16

    School Committee Meeting

    • Public Listening Session

    • Office of Administration & Finance

    • BHS Staffing

    January 22

    School Committee
    Finance Subcommittee

    January 23

    School Committee Meeting

    • Literacy Support; K-8 Staffing

    January 30

    School Committee Meeting

    • Presentation of Superintendent’s
      Recommended FY 2021 Budget

    February 6

    School Committee
    Public Hearing

    • Public Hearing on the PSB FY 2021 budget

    February 13

    School Committee Meeting

    • School Committee vote on Town Meeting Appropriation Request

     *Please note that these dates are tentative and may change.

Preliminary Budget Documents 

Recordings of Meetings