• Budget Development Process

    The purpose of budget development is to estimate the funds required to operate the school departments' educational and support programs for the coming year. Budget development includes the formulation and distribution of individual school and department budget preparation materials and the synthesis of these into a Superintendent’s proposed budget each February 15th. Following the Brookline School Committee’s Budget Directives and Financial Guidelines, a budget is prepared and forwarded to the Committee for approval annually. Once approved, the budget is forwarded to the Town’s Advisory Committee and Town Meeting for review and bottom line approval. 

  • Susan K. Givens, Ed.D.
    Deputy Superintendent for Administration and Finance

    Diane Johnson
    Director of Finance

    Qianna Price
    Program Manager for Administration and Finance
    (617) 730-2425  

    Donna Chisholm
    Budget Analyst/Accounts Payable Manager
    (617) 730-2423

FY25 Preliminary Budget Documents

  • FY24 Preliminary Budget Documents

  • Budget Analysis

    Budget analysis includes the compilation and analysis of budget, revenue, and expenditure data. Budget analysis permits the dissemination of financial information for administrative and School Committee decision-making, state reporting requirements, and citizen information.

    School Budget Primer Presentation


FY23 Budget Documents