FY14 Budget Source And Use of Funds

  • The citizens of Brookline take pride in their schools and continue to provide high levels of fiscal support through their tax dollars. A majority of the budget is supported by local sources (property tax and other local revenue), with an additional supplement of state funds. The FY 2014 General Fund appropriation was $86.1M. Local sources supplied $75.8M or 88%, and an additional supplement from Chapter 70 state funds was $10.4M or 12%.
  • Most grant funds are intended to supplement the core functions and mission of the Public Schools of Brookline. In FY 2014, federal funds through entitlement grants totaled $2.6M. The Grants Office works closely with program staff to acquire grant funds to support a variety of programming efforts. Certain private donors, through our collaborations with the 21st Century Fund, the Brookline Education Foundation, and Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs), allow the schools to test and research new approaches to student learning and support opportunities for ongoing professional development.This infusion of additional dollars helps us move forward and keeps us at the forefront of educational practice.
FY14 General Fund Sources



FY14 General Fund Budget By Major Category



FY14 Grant Awards by Funding Source