• The Payroll Office can be reached at 617-730-2458 or

    The Payroll Office is responsible for the oversight of all payroll activities including accurate and timely payments to over 3,400 school and town employees, along with the related employee and employer taxes, deductions, wage reporting and collective bargaining compliance issues. The Payroll Office oversees and audits payments of over $122.8 million in payroll along with the related $22.8 million in a vast array of deductions and $20.3 million in several payroll taxes.


    Payroll Administration

    There are a number of administrative tasks associated with the processing of an accurate and timely payroll system. Training and on-going reference material is available to all staff.

    New Hire Materials

    Employees working less than half-time each week carry different benefits from an employee working more than half -time each week. Therefore, there are two hiring packets. We encourage new hires to complete all forms prior to coming to Town Hall to sign the employee contract with the Human Resources Office. This will help minimize the number of trips to Town Hall and ensure timely delivery of paychecks.

    Payroll Dates


    Payroll checks are distributed on Thursdays. Direct deposits are generally made electronically overnight between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The Public Schools of Brookline has employees with various number of pay periods: 21-week, 43-week, 45-week, 47-week, and 52-week employees.

    Retirement Benefits

    The employees of the School Department are enrolled in one of three options: deferred compensation, Massachusetts teacher’s retirement board (MTRS), or Town retirement (Public Employees Retirement Administration Commission – PERAC).

    Town Coordination of Benefits

    The Town Human Resources Office provides service to eligible school department employees for all matters pertaining to group health insurance, group life insurance, the flexible spending account plan, workers compensation, unemployment compensation, and occupational health.

    Payroll Fees

    The Payroll Office charges fees for reprinting checks and W-2 Forms. A replacement check is $20.00 and a replacement W-2 Form is $10.00. These fees are paid directly to the Payroll Office by a check or money order payable to the Town of Brookline.
    Checks and W-2's are mailed to the address active in the payroll system. All weekly paychecks list the current name and address on the front of the check stub. If this name and/or address is incorrect, please contact the Payroll Office.

  • Debra MacDonald
    Payroll/Benefits Manager

    Natalie Greening
    Payroll Coordinator

    Cassandra Mayhew
    Payroll Specialist