Financial Assistance​


    In 2016, the School Committee authorized a centralized application process to provide families with financial assistance for certain school related fees.  The program provides a prorated subsidy for households earning less than 350% of the US Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines.  The United States Department of Agriculture uses these guidelines to determine the Free and Reduced Lunch eligible income levels.  The tables of income levels provided in this document are based on the United States Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines posted on their website, which can be accessed here:  

    The Superintendent will provide a centralized financial assistance application process for families seeking relief from various school-related fees and/or charges. Eligibility will be renewed or updated through an annual application process. If you need to apply for financial assistance, please click on the Financial Assistance Application link to the right and complete the application. 

    Financial Assistance will be offered to meet any PSB student fees or charges, including those for Athletics, Instrumental Music, and other program and field trip fees. Other fees include but are not limited to curriculum-based field trip expenses, Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP), School Department Summer Programs, and other fees the school department may charge as a result of curriculum requirements.

    The program goals are as follows:

    1. Implement an objective financial assistance program and application process for all students and families;
    2. Allow families a single point of contact and determination within the school district; and
    3. Adhere to a standard of confidentiality throughout the district.