Get Involved!

  • Here are a few ways you and your student can look forward to participating in this historic opportunity to identify a name for our school:

    • Helping others understand why: Many people are unclear about how and the school name is changing. We will support our community in age-appropriate ways to help them understand the town’s naming process, as well as provide context and explain why the change is significant.

    • Nominating a school name: This fall, community members may submit a potential school name that reflects the characteristics of the Coolidge Corner School community and the Town’s continuing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    • Join us for Community Forums, Open Houses, Public Hearings, and Town Meetings. Make your voice heard! Share your ideas, advocate for your preferred name, and continue to help us refine the vision and spirit of what makes Brookline great,

    • Spread the word: We want to hear from as many Devotion graduates, former Devotion teachers, and families of alumni as possible. But we need help reaching out to them. Please let us know if you can help with outreach through your personal or social media networks!