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April 2019

April 2019 Update: Presentation of Semi-Finalist Names

In March 2019, the district provided a comprehensive update on the Coolidge Corner School Renaming Process and the work that the “Bee-lievers of Change” - our student nominations committee - has been doing to choose a new name for the Coolidge Corner School. We are excited to announce that our student group has selected 15 official semi-finalist names for further consideration.

During the official window to submit nominations (from December 10 through January 23) we received 119 unique name nominations from over 250 entries. Since then, the Bee-lievers of Change vetted and reviewed every name using a rubric that included the town’s naming criteria, the school’s core values, and whether or not the name meets any restorative justice criteria. Students were supported throughout this process by PSB staff and community members.

In addition to reviewing the semi-finalist presentation materials and providing your feedback in person during the Renaming Nights on April 3, April 11, and April 23, you can also complete an online input form through this link hereWe welcome your feedback on the semi-finalist names between April 3 and April 29, 2019. The student committee will use all input received during this period to recommend finalist names to be considered by the School Committee and the Town-wide Naming Committee in May 2019.

Presentations created and showcased by the Student Naming Committee during the three renaming nights can be found below: