Community Nominations for School Names

  • On December 10, 2018, the Public Schools of Brookline launched the call for the nomination of names for the Coolidge Corner School. Names were submitted using an online form or accepted via paper at each school, the three branches of the Brookline Public Library, and in Town Hall. In order to ensure that the entire Brookliine community was represented, the Public Schools of Brookline and the Town of Brookline Office of Diversity and Inclusion also specifically reached out to typically underrepresented groups, neighborhood associations, local clergy, PTOs, Devotion School alumni, and others.

    At its conclusion on January 23, 2019, the district has received a total of 119 unique nominations for a new school name. All 119 names are presented below just as they were submitted. While errors were clear to us (for example, one nomination was for Edith Wiess, but the owner of Irving’s Toy and Card Shop was Ethel Weiss), we believed it was important to share all of the submissions, as is. The student committee will reconcile these "errors" as they narrow down the nominations list.

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