• Parent Teacher Organization 

    The Public Schools of Brookline have an active and engaged Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Students and families lives are enriched by PTO efforts and collaboration, and these groups are an essential part of Brookline schools and the Brookline community. In addition to providing various opportunities to become involved, the PTO can also be a vital resource for families. PTO Co-President names and email addresses for each of our schools can be found below:

    Baker School 

    • Julie Schreiner-Oldham, jschreiner.oldham@gmail.com
    • Shal Shahani, shalshahani@gmail.com

    Brookline High School

    • Lisa Cummings, lisacummings1218@gmail.com
    • Jeff Feldgoise, jeff@feldgoise.com
    • Deb Polansky, polanskydeb@gmail.com
    Devotion School
    • Sarah Harris 
    • Erin Meyer 
      • devopto@gmail.com 

    Upper Devotion School

    • Cindy Tungate
    • Charla Whitley
      • devopto@gmail.com 

    Driscoll School

    • Lori Day, loridriscollpto@gmail.com
    • Sara Stoutland, sara@stoutland.net 

    Heath School

    • Eileen O'Grady, eileen.ogrady@nemoves.com
    • Rina Kaul, rinakaul@gmail.com 

    Lawrence School

    • Nagmeh Ansari Varasteh, nagmehansari@gmail.com
    • Jessica Ullian, jessicaullian@gmail.com 

    Lincoln School

    • Sandra Wesemann
    • Belinda Hsu
      • whlpto@gmail.com

    Pierce School

    • Hisako Yoshida
    • Mariana Yang
    • Cher Duffield
      • pierce.pto@gmail.com 

    Runkle School

    • Dorothy Charles, dlloydcharles@gmail.com
    • Lynne Chuang, chuang@aquent.com