Step 4: School Assignment

  • Step 4: School Assignment

    The Office of Registration and Enrollment will facilitate and determine all school assignments for families.

    Following Up on Documentation

    Families who have completed their registration appointment with the Office of Registration and Enrollment but are still waiting to submit documentation will have their application placed on hold. Students in this category cannot move on to the next steps of the registration process, such as receiving school assignments and participating in school meetings until all of the required documentation has been received.


    Assignments are determined based on the date your child has completed the following prerequisites:

    • Completion of the virtual appointment;
    • Verification of required documents;
    • Additional screenings for student services or programming, dependent on the availability of school staff.
  • Determining Your School Zone (Only For Students Entering Grades 1-8)

    Students are generally assigned to a school based on the location for their primary residence in Brookline. Students are guaranteed enrollment at their zoned school.

    Can I attend a different school?

    While students have a right to attend the school in the zone where they reside, the Public Schools of Brookline endorses a policy of open enrollment, subject to certain provisions and restrictions set forth by the School Committee.

    Please keep in mind that if a transfer is approved to one student in a family, there can be no guarantee that a sibling will be granted similar approval. Additionally, the transportation of students to out-of-district schools shall be the responsibility of the student's family.

    As with all School Assignments, the Office of Registration and Enrollment shall have the sole responsibility of deciding out-of-district transfer requests.

  • Buffer zones (Only For Students Entering Grades 1-8)VennDiagram

    Please keep in mind that many addresses in Brookline fall within buffer zones.

    Buffer zones exist to help keep class sizes equitable across the district.

    Each family in a buffer zone will provide their preference for a school assignment. While the Office of Registration and Enrollment makes every effort to honor buffer requests, enrollment at each of our K-8 schools is a key factor in school assignments.

    Enrollment patterns can, and do, change; buffer zones are designed to allow the school district to flex with these changing patterns and keep our level of instruction at its best quality at all times.

    As our staff works with the Office of the Superintendent to review student placements, we must consider keeping class sizes as small as possible to provide the highest standard of instruction for all of our students. Class size, whether or not there are siblings and family preferences, are all considered when making a school assignment.


  • NLSP Native Language Support Program (NLSP) assignments (Only For Students Entering Grades 1-8)

    A student who qualifies for English Language Education (ELE) services may take advantage of a Native Language Support Program (NLSP) at the Public Schools of Brookline.

    Native Language Support Program provides additional instruction and English development to students through their home language. Students who qualify for NLSPs may attend a school that is outside of their school zone. This program is offered in the following languages:

    Chinese - at Pierce School

    Hebrew - at Ruffin Ridley School

    Japanese - at Lawrence School and at Lincoln School

    Korean - at Baker School

    Russian - at Driscoll School

    Spanish - at Runkle School

  • Special Education SupportsSpecialEducation

    Students currently receiving specialized instruction and support through an IEP or any other Special Education documents will work with the Office of Registration and Enrollment, Office of Student Services and other educators to determine their most appropriate school placement at PSB. Additionally, the Office of Student Services will determine other supports and services that can be provided to your student(s) during their transition into PSB.


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