What documents do I need to change my student's address?

COA Guideline by Michael Chan
  • You must gather the following documents before you can begin the change of address application. To access a .pdf and printable version of the Required Document Checklist, please click here.

    • One (1) Proof of Residency: Temporary residence in Brookline (4 weeks or less), or for the sole purpose of attending the public schools, will not be considered as residencyThis document should indicate the intent for your and your student(s) to reside in this new address:
      • Most recent mortgage payment
      • Most recent property tax bill
      • HUD-1 Settlement + Payment
      • Active Leasing Agreement, OR
      • Purchase and Sale Agreement

    • One (1) Proof of Occupancy: Utility statements, bills, and/or work orders dated within 45 days of when you submit your change of address form. Proofs of occupancy must show that service has been established at the residential address under the parent/guardian/caregiver's name.
      • Cable/Internet Bill, Statement of Service, or Work Order
      • Electric Bill, Statement of Service, or Work Order
      • Gas Bill, Statement of Service, or Work Order
      • Oil Bill, Statement of Service, or Work Order
      • Home Telephone Bill, Statement of Service, or Work Order
      • Home or Renter's Insurance Policy

    Please note that these documents will be necessary when you complete the online registration. Original copies of these documents must also be presented during your in-person registration appointment with the Office of Registration and Enrollment. 

    Failure to provide these documents to the Office of Registration and Enrollment may delay the address change process. If you are unable to provide any of these documents, please consult with the Office of Registration and Enrollment through email (enroll@psbma.org) or telephone (617-264-6492) to determine suitable alternatives.

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