Step 6: Start School!

  • Teacher assignments TeacherAssignments

    All students who have registered in the spring receive their teacher assignments from their new school during the Summer. 

    Please note that our Kindergarten teams develop class placements to create balanced groupings of students. Unfortunately, they are not able to honor teacher requests for the placement process. 

    Each family will have several opportunities to share information that will help our teaching teams to get to know your child better and assist with their transition to kindergarten. In addition, you will be able to provide us with input regarding any peer groupings (i.e. neighbors, friends from preschool, etc.) that you feel may be either beneficial or present potential challenges for your child's kindergarten transition.

    When does school start?

    The first day of school for the 2021-22 school year for Kindergarten students is Wednesday, September 1, or Thursday, September 2.

    Kindergarten students will begin schooling with a designated half-day of classes, as assigned by their classroom teacher. Approximately half of a kindergarten classroom will attend school on either Wednesday or Thursday before completing their first full day together on Friday, September 3.

    No student may begin schooling until all steps of the registration process has been completed and all documentation has been received.

  • Changing your mind?

    We understand that we are asking you to make important decisions about your child’s education amidst a period of uncertainty. Kindergarten is an important milestone for everyone involved, and our staff is here to support you and your family in this transition.

    We strongly encourage all families who plan to start kindergarten in September to enroll. Should you elect to enroll your child in homeschooling, or another year of Preschool/Daycare, or your family’s circumstances change, our office will help coordinate the withdrawal process. 


    Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 76, Section 1, and the Charles Decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the Public Schools of Brookline recognize and honor the right of parents or guardians to educate their children at home. The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) also states that “each child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which he or she attains the age of six.”

    Families living in Brookline who intend to homeschool children six years or older must register with the Public Schools of Brookline and establish a Home Education Plan with the district.