Step 3: Enrollment Meetings

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    Meet with the Office of Registration and Enrollment through a virtual appointment.

    Approximately 24-48 hours before your scheduled meeting, the Office of Registration and Enrollment will email you the login credentials to your virtual meeting. If you or other parents/guardians require the support of additional guests (e.g. translators, family advocates, social workers, etc.), please notify us ahead of time. A member of the Office of Registration and Enrollment team will begin the registration appointment once all participants have joined.

    All registration meetings will be held through Zoom, with a telephone conference call as an alternative option. During the virtual appointment, the Office of Registration and Enrollment will review your application, verify the required documents, and discuss the next steps for your student’s enrollment. While we only require one parent/guardian to be present, all members of your family are welcome to attend the meeting with our staff.

    Your student will not be registered in Brookline until you have met with a member of our team.

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    English Language Education (ELE)

    The Office of Registration and Enrollment will help all families complete a Home Language Survey during your registration appointment. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations require that all schools determine the language(s) spoken in each student’s home in order to identify their specific language needs. 

    If the answer to any question on the Home Language Survey is a language other than English, the Public Schools of Brookline is required to do further screening with your student. The Office of Registration & Enrollment will schedule a separate appointment for your student with our English Language Education department at the time of registration should they require this additional screening.

    All students must complete a Home Language Survey during the registration process, even if they had previously attended schools in the United States and/or their home language is primarily English.

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    Immunization Records

    Student Health Services staff will assist families to determine if students meet all immunization requirements. 

    Your child will not be allowed to participate in school meetings until all immunization requirements are met.

    Immunizations must be approved by our Student Health Services staff prior to school attendance.

    Please note the change that beginning the 2020-21 school year, all students entering Grades 7 and 11 will need a meningococcal conjugate vaccine, MenACWY (brand names Menveo or Menactra) for school entry.

    • Grade 7 entry: 1 dose of MenACWY for all students.
    • Grade 11 entry: 1 booster dose of MenACWY received on or after 16 years of age.

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