Step 5: School Meetings

  • Step 5: School Meetings

    As part of the school assignment notification, the Office of Registration and Enrollment will notify the school counselor and/or support staff of your student's enrollment. The school counselor will schedule a meeting with you and your student(s) to discuss their class placements and any additional supports that may help their transition into PSB. Specific questions or concerns regarding their student's transition will be discussed during this meeting.

    Class schedules for older students will be finalized after the meeting with the counselor. Your student may require additional assessments prior to meeting with a school counselor to develop their class schedules.

    Summer Meetings

    Most school-based staff, including nurses and guidance counselors, do not work over the summer. Therefore, if you complete registration after June 2021, you will most likely be unable to schedule these meetings until they return to school in mid-August. 

    These meetings are designed to foster a smooth transition from a student's registration to their enrollment. You cannot meet with school staff until you have finished the registration appointment with the Office of Registration and Enrollment, and only after your student(s) records have been created in our district's database. 

    When does school start?

    The first day of school for the 2021-22 school year for students in grades 1-9 is Wednesday, September 1. The first day of school for students entering grades 10-12 is Thursday, September 2.

    No student may begin schooling until all steps of the registration process have been completed and all documentation has been received.

  • Financial Assistance

    The Public Schools of Brookline has a centralized application process to provide families with financial assistance for school-related fees. Eligibility for financial assistance will be renewed or updated through an annual application process. Financial assistance is available for curriculum-based field trip expenses, School Department Summer Programs, and other fees the school department may charge as a result of curriculum requirements. Financial assistance also includes any PSB student fees or charges for Athletics, Instrumental Music, and other program and field trip fees. 

  • Free and Reduced School Meals

    Children need healthy meals to learn. The Public Schools of Brookline offer healthy meals every school day. Your students may qualify for free meals or for reduced-price meals if your household’s income is within the limits of the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines. 

    Please note that for the entirety of the 2021-22 school year, school lunches are FREE for all PSB students.

  • Student Health and Nursing

    During the meeting with the guidance counselor, the school nurse may also meet with you to: 


    • Arrange for any special health care needs or for the administration of any essential medications or procedures that are prescribed during the school day. 

    • Confirm that your child’s immunizations are complete and that they are clear to attend school. 

    • Request an updated physical exam report. This is most important for students whose annual doctor's visit occurs after registration.

    If your child has specific health care needs, it is important that you meet with the school nurse before they begin attending school. If you need assistance in scheduling a meeting with the school nurse, the Office of Registration and Enrollment can help you arrange a meeting.

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