Step 1: Verify Residency and Gather Documentation

  • Verify Residency and Documentation

    The Office of Registration & Enrollment will verify documentation for your student(s) during the registration appointment.

    Documentation needed to register your student for Kindergarten includes:

    House Proofs of you and your student(s) residency in the Town of Brookline.

    Calendar Proofs that indicate your student is age-eligible to enter Kindergarten and other helpful documents to support your child.

    Nurses Cross in Heart Proofs that indicate your student meets all the health requirements to enter Public Schools in the State of Massachusetts.

    You must still bring all of the required documents even if you have previously enrolled other students in the Public Schools of Brookline, or you have enrolled/registered this student with the Public Schools of Brookline, Special Education Services, or the Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP) in the past.

    You are required to submit these documents before your virtual registration appointment. Any documents regarding your residence in Brookline must be dated within 45 days of the appointment date. More information about how to submit your documents can be found in step 2.

    All original documents that are not in English must be accompanied by authorized translations into English. All translations should be completed by a third-party professional translator or translation service prior to your appointment. 

    Please note that previous school records from daycare providers and preschool programs are NOT required for Kindergarten registration. 

Required Documents

Health Requirements