Students Seeking Special Education Evaluation

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    Has your student been referred for or are you requesting a special education evaluation? If your child currently lives in Brookline and attends a private school, or attends a private school located in Brookline, you can request an evaluation and potentially receive services through the Public Schools of Brookline if found eligible.

    The Public Schools of Brookline Office of Student Services is a great resource for families who would like more information about our special education services and programs. More information can be accessed here.

    After reading the information below, if you have additional questions please contact the Office of Registration and Enrollment directly at or (617) 264-6492.

    All students requesting special education services must register with the Public Schools of Brookline.  The Office of Registration and Enrollment enters your student as a private school student seeking special education services.

    For grades K-8:
    You will need to complete two steps to begin the evaluation process:

    • Determine which School or Buffer Zone you live in. In Brookline, students are assigned to one of Brookline’s K-8 schools based primarily on the location of their home. Each residence is either in a single School Zone or in a Buffer Zone which includes two or more schools. To figure out which School Zone or Buffer Zone you live, use our online Where Am I search tool. When using this tool, first search on your address. When the results are displayed, scroll to the right until you see School District and School Buffer Zone section. If there is no School Buffer Zone listed then you live in the School District that is listed.

    • Contact the Educational Team Facilitator for your particular school zone. When you determine your school zone, call the main office and ask to be connected with the Educational Team Facilitator. The Educational Team Facilitator will help you with the next steps in the process.

    For grades 9-12:
    Please contact the Special Education Office at Brookline High School, at (617) 713-5076. Additional information specific to the high school can be found here.

    For Early Education (ages 3-5):
    Please contact Sarah Moynihan at (617) 713-5473.