• Next Stop, Kindergarten! 

    The Public Schools of Brookline is excited to welcome our newest students to Kindergarten in 2017! We know that this is a very special time in each student and family's life, and we look forward to joining you on this journey.
    The Office of Student Affairs has designed this webpage to assist families with the process of Kindergarten Registration. Here, you will find each of the steps to complete the registration process. Please read the detailed information at each "station" in order to complete the process successfully.
    All Aboard the Kindergarten Train!  

    All aboard!  


    Station 1: Pre-Registration

    Yes! Please note that you must be a resident of Brookline in order to attend the Public Schools of Brookline
    • Before a student is registered and can start school, a parent or legal guardian must provide proofs of primary residence to the Office of Student Affairs. 
    • Temporary residence in the Town of Brookline for the sole purpose of attending the Public Schools of Brookline will not be considered as residency.
    • You must be a resident at the time of pre-registration. If you are planning to move to Brookline, you can register your student once you have taken occupancy of your Brookline residence.
    In order for a student to be registered for Kindergarten, he/she must have reached the age of five (5) years on or before August 31st of the year in which he/she enters Kindergarten. Families wishing to enroll students for Kindergarten for September 2017 must have been born between September 1st, 2011 and August 31st, 2012.

    Station 2: Complete the online pre-registration application and make appointment with the Office of Student Affairs

    Pre-Registration begins with an online application and should be completed only by families who meet the residency requirements.
    The online application for Kindergarten is currently available.
    • When completing the application, please select the "Appointment type" option as "Next School Year" in order to apply for Kindergarten beginning in September of 2017.
    • The final part of the online application is to schedule an appointment with the Office of Student Affairs. Make sure you complete this step and save the appointment date and time before exiting the application.
    • Appointments will take place beginning in January of 2017. All families who complete pre-registration during our Kindergarten enrollment period of January and February will have equal consideration for school assignment preferences.
    • If you have previously used our online application interface - Registration Gateway - please use your existing username and password. You will have to re-enter all information for your incoming Kindergartener, but the parent/guardian information will be saved upon login.
    Begin with the online application by clicking below:
    Registration Gateway  
    *For Apple users, please note: Registration Gateway is only supported on OSX 10.7 and higher. 
    Station 3: Gather all required documents to bring to your appointment
    The parent/guardian must bring all required documents for each new student to enroll in the Public Schools of Brookline. 
    • If the incoming Kindergarten student has been registered with the Brookline Early Education Program (BEEP), you must still bring in all of the required documents. Any items from the Occupancy List and the Landlord Living Agreement document must be dated within 45 days of the scheduled pre-registration appointment. 
    • If you have registered older siblings with the Public Schools of Brookline, you must still bring in all of the required documents. Any items from the Occupancy List and the Landlord Living Agreement document must be dated within 45 days of the scheduled pre-registration appointment. The Office of Student Affairs will verify the residency for all students at this time.
    Please download and print the required forms, and bring completed forms with you to your pre-registration appointment. 
    We ask that all documents be completed translated into English. All translations should be completed by a professional translator or translation service prior to your appointment.
    Pre-Registration Checklist  
    Station 4: The Kindergarten Pre-Registration Appointment
    Pre-registration appointments will take place at the Office of Student Affairs, located at 24 Webster Place, Brookline, MA 02445.
    •  Staff will review your application, the required documents, and discuss the next steps for your student's enrollment.
      •  Please be sure to have all required documents at the time of your appointment, in order to move on to the next stage of enrollment.
      • If you are missing documents at the time of your appointment, you will need to return to the Office of Student affairs with those documents.
    • During your appointment, staff will help you complete a Home Language Survey. Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations require that all schools determine the language(s) spoken in each student's home, in order to identify their specific language needs. If a language other than English is spoken in the home, the District is required to do further screening for that student. If further screening is required, Office of Student Affairs staff will schedule an appointment for your student with our English Language Learning (ELL) Department at the time of pre-registration.
    • A nurse will be on staff during regular business hours to review your student's immunization records. Immunizations must be determined compliant by the school nurse, following submission at pre-registration and prior to school attendance. 
      • A full list of required heath documentation can be found here: Download health requirements 
      • Please be aware that although you register your child for school, they will not be able to start school until all immunization requirements are met. Please be sure to review the regulations so that your child is compliant. It is important to note that different countries have different requirements, so students enrolling from outside of the United States may be missing one or more of our required immunizations. These include the Tdap vaccine, 2 MMR, and the 4 Polio vaccines. Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires that can additional vaccine be given if Measles, Mumps, Rubella, or Varicella is given prior to the first birthday.
      • A nurse will assist families to determine if students do not meet the requirements.
    Station 5: School Assignment Notification 
    The Office of Student Affairs will communicate all school assignments to families. Students are assigned to school in Brookline based primarily on the location of their home. To see which district your home is in, go to http://gisweb.brooklinema..gov/whereami/. When searching, please select the address without the zip code. When reviewing the school district, make certain to also look for the "School Buffer Zone", which is listed after "School Zone".
    Please keep in mind that many addresses in Brookline fall within buffer zones. 
    • If your home is in a buffer zone, the Office of Student Affairs will make an assignment for all of the students in the family to the school with the lowest enrollment number. 
    • If you have older students who are already enrolled in a Brookline school, that is your family's buffer assignment. Your incoming Kindergartener will be assigned to the same school as their older sibling(s).
    • Each family in a buffer zone will be asked to make a request for a school assignment preference at the time of the pre-registration appointment. The Office of Student Affairs will try to accommodate your preference, however, this is not guaranteed.
    A student who is eligible for English Language Learning (ELL) services may take advantage of a Native Language Support Program (Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, or Russian).
    • If the Native Language Support program is located out a school outside of the student's home district, the family may choose that school. For more information about our ELL program, please click here
    • The ELL Department communications with the Office of Student Affairs to facilitate school assignment.
    • A school assignment cannot be made until the student has completed their ELL assessment.
    If your family does not live in the buffer zone, or is not eligible for one of our school-based Language Support Programs, you will receive your school assignment at the time of pre-registration with a confirmation email. Buffer assignments will be issued twice during the spring. For those students who have completed pre-registration and an ELL assessment (if applicable) by early April, they will be notified during the last week in April. For those students who have complete pre-registration and an ELL assessment (if applicable) by early May, they will be notified during the middle of May. Any student pre-registering after early May, might not receive a buffer assignment until the middle of the summer break. For those families new to Brookline during the summer, buffer assignments take place on an ongoing basis.
    Station 6: Kindergarten Screenings, Intake Appointments & School Nurse Check-in 
    Each new student will meet with both a school counselor and the school nurse at their assigned school, to confirm immunizations. Upon notification of school assignment, the Office of Student Affairs will arrange this appointment for your student to go to their school and complete the Kindergarten screening. 
    • For non-buffer families, this appointment will be scheduled at the time of your pre-registration appointment in January or February.
    • Families in the buffer zone will receive instructions from the Office of Student Affairs to schedule an appointment at their assigned school.
    Each student must complete a Kindergarten screening, as well as an intake appointment with the school's counselor. In some schools, these will happen at the same time. In others, it may be two separate appointments. The school counselors will be holding these appointments in April and May (dates vary by school). For those who pre-register after this time, students will have meetings arranged either prior to the end of the school year in June, or in late summer prior to the first day of school.
    At the time of your appointment with the school counselor, please check in with the school nurse to discuss clearance for school. Please arrange to meet with your school nurse to plan for any health care needs, or for the administration of any essential medications and/or procedures that are prescribed during the school day. If your student was missing any immunizations at the time of pre-registration, this is an opportunity to update that with the school nurse. 
    Station 7: PEEK AND PRACTICE
    In the early weeks of June, all new students who are pre-registered will have the opportunity to attend "PEEK AND PRACTICE". This event lets children practice being a Kindergartener for half of a day! The students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are invited to visit the school, and the students can participate in fun activities in a Kindergarten classroom while the parent(s)/guardians(s) can hear from the school's leadership team. PEEK AND PRACTICE gives students the opportunity to meet some of other students who will also be in their new school. In addition, they can experience their new school environment, and families can get a sense of what to expect in September when school begins. 
    For families registering after June, PEEK AND PRACTICE will not be available. However, those families will still have an opportunity to see the school and ask questions at the time of their school counselors appointment. 

    Station 8: Teacher Assignments

    All students who have pre-registered in the spring will receive their teacher assignments from their new school in late June or early July. 

    Station 9: Last stop, Kindergarten!

    Welcome to Kindergarten, and 
    Welcome to Brookline!
  • Please click the image to download the fully translated booklet, containing all the information available on this webpage. (Available in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish)
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