Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Residency

    • I have signed a purchase and sale. Can I register, even if I haven't closed on the home?
    • What if I cannot produce both required proofs?
    • What if I do not pay for utilities, or if none of the utility bills are in my name?


    Buffer Zones

    • What is a buffer zone?
    • When are school assignments made?
    • Are buffer assignments made on a first-come, first-served basis? Should I come on the first day?


    Student Registration

    • I just moved to Brookline with my school-age children. What steps do I take?
    • We are moving to Brookline from outside of the United States. Is there anything special I need?
    • How do I access the online enrollment application?
    • I do not have internet access at home. How can I complete the online enrollment application?
    • How do I schedule a registration appointment with the Office of Registration and Enrollment team?


    English Learner Education (ELE) Screenings

    • What is English Learner Education (ELE)?
    • Why does my child need an ELE screening?
    • What happens during an ELE screening?


    Current Families - Relocation, Re-Enrollment, and Residency Verification

    • My family moved to another address in Brookline after registering, what should we do?
    • Can our students remain at their current school if we move in town, but outside that school zone?


    • Is providing a child’s birth certificate necessary to enroll in or attend the Public Schools of Brookline?
  • Residency

  • Buffer Zones

  • Student Registration

  • English Learner Education

  • Current Families - Relocation, Re-Enrollment, and Residency Verification

  • Documentation