Current Families - Relocation, Re-Enrollment, and Residency Verification

  • My family moved to another address in Brookline after registering, what should we do?

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    If you change addresses, please inform the Office of Registration and Enrollment as soon as possible so that important information such as your child's school assignment, or any new information, can reach you. To update your address, please complete the Change of Address form.  


    You must provide your new residency documentation (one complete option from the list below):


    • Most recent mortgage payment
    • Most recent property tax bill
    • Copy of settlement statement AND record of most recent payment
    • Copy of current signed lease AND Landlord Living Agreement (landlord must complete form)
    • Other public housing lease AND Landlord Living Agreement (landlord must complete form)


    You must provide 1 proof of occupancy (from the list below):


    • Cable/Satellite TV/ Internet (bill or work order)
    • Electric (bill or “statement of service” letter)
    • Gas (bill or “statement of service” letter)
    • Home telephone (cellular is not acceptable)  (bill or work order)
    • Home/renter’s insurance (bill, policy, or “statement of service” letter)

    If your new address is in a different school zone, you may need to attend your new neighborhood school. Families may apply to stay within their current school when they file a change of address form.


    Any families who move out of the Town of Brookline are not eligible to attend the Public Schools of Brookline and will be transitioned out of the district through the withdrawal process.


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  • Can our students remain at their current school if we move in town, but outside that school zone?

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    Children of a resident who moves from one school district to another within the Town may be granted permission to remain in the former school district upon request to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. These requests are subject to respect to the following considerations:


    1. The class size in the school district of the applicant, and that in the school being requested;
    2. The overall crowding conditions and staff/pupil loads in the school district of the applicant and that in the school being requested;
    3. The parents' reason for the request;
    4. The educational well-being of the student, including the opinions of the Principals of both schools and other staff members.

    The transportation of students to out-of-district schools shall be the responsibility of the student's family.  You may make this request as part of the Change of Address Form, which you are required to use to notify the District of your move.


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  • My student was enrolled in Brookline, but withdrew. How do I reinstate their enrollment?

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    You must complete the online registration application and schedule an appointment with the Office of Registration and Enrollment. At your appointment you will re-verify your Brookline Residency and provide the most recent school and health records for your child.


    You will have to present the full complement of documentation for registration (including parent identification, student birth record, residency, school records and health records).


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  • Why have I have received a request to provide current proof of my Brookline Residency?

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    In order to attend the PSB, a student must actually reside in the Town of Brookline.  In determining and reconfirming residency, the PSB reserves its right to request a variety of documentation and to investigate where a student or applicant for enrollment actually resides on an ongoing basis. Also, the PSB may act upon anonymous tips it receives to conduct a residency verification investigation.


    No later than the first day of school of each school year following initial enrollment, a student’s parent or legal guardian must provide a signed Affidavit of Residency along with proof of residency in the Town of Brookline. For subsequent enrollment, proof of residency shall include one or more records.  To provide this documentation, please use our Residency Verification Form and submit the required documents as instructed.


    Should a question arise concerning any student’s residency in the Town of Brookline while attending the PSB, the student’s residency will be subject to further inquiry and/or investigation. Such questions concerning residency may arise on the basis of incomplete, suspicious, or contradictory proofs of address, anonymous tips, correspondence that is returned to the Public Schools of Brookline because of an invalid or unknown address, or other grounds.


    The Office of Registration and Enrollment may request additional documentation, may use the assistance of the Public Schools of Brookline Attendance Officer, and/or may obtain the services of police or investigative agency personnel to assist with or conduct investigations into student residency. The Attendance Officer and/or residency investigator(s) will report his or her findings to the Office of Registration and Enrollment, who shall make an initial determination of residency.

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